Private jet charters for MICE events in the UK and Europe

More than 51,000 people joined the ranks of the “ultra-wealthy” last year as the fortunes of the already very rich benefited from rising global stock markets and increased property prices during the pandemic.

MICE events in the UK and Europe are big business.

But wait, before you go running to stand on a table or call the pest control experts, let’s take a moment to understand what exactly is meant by the term MICE events.

In case you don’t know, the acronym MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (or events) and is an often overlooked but integral part of the international tourism industry. So lucrative is the MICE industry, that cities, regions, and even countries vie with each other for a slice of the pie and the chance to host a major global MICE event on their home soil.

The world of MICE concerns events that bring together large groups from one single company or a whole industry in one place. Because of the number of attendees involved, MICE events can generate large sums of money for all parties involved across a broad sphere of interests; academic summits, industry showcase exhibitions, conferences, meetings, symposiums, trade shows, product launches, and even team-building events.

Meetings – Meetings can be described as large groups gathering to share knowledge, news, or new ideas and are a cornerstone of most large corporate structures.

Incentives – Businesses use incentive trips and travel to promote loyalty within an organisation and to reward a job well done. These incentive trips can include team-building events, relaxed meeting venues, spa and pampering weekends, and attending sporting or cultural events.

Conferences – Industry conferences usually involve large groups of people from either one corporation or an entire industry coming together to discuss the latest news and trends, to make new connections, and to highlight achievements.

Exhibitions – Exhibitions, trade shows, and fairs are the perfect sales platform for companies to launch new products, showcase achievements, attract new clients, and network with industry colleagues.

A MICE event for MICE people

But what is the MICE industry and how important is it?

From the 29th of November to the 1st of December 2022, Barcelona will host IBTM World, one of the largest and most important events for MICE organisers, planners, and host destinations to showcase their expertise, their advantages, and their attractions.

This major showcase – a MICE event in its own right – brings together the major players in the global meetings industry with one common goal, to meet the right people all in one central location, make new contacts, establish new connections, and generate better business results for organisations. The organisers of this annual showcase event are ready to welcome 3,000 exhibitors, 15,000 attendees, 3,000 hosted buyers and over 70,000 pre-scheduled meetings over three hectic days of networking.

Hosted buyers have to apply to attend such events that give them the chance to showcase their products – a private jet charter company, a hotel group, a city, a region, a national park, a theme park, a modern conference centre, or an entire culture – directly to the leading MICE event organisers on the planet.

Many of the exhibitors, such as members of the MICE event industry in the UK, will attend the Barcelona event to highlight the reasons why conference or meeting attendees should prolong their visit by offering pre and post-event tourism experiences.

Most recently, organisers have noted that attendees at MICE events are now more flexible and demonstrate a preference for adding a leisure aspect to their business trip. These add-on leisure experiences can include cultural tourism, adventure tourism, nature tourism, or wellness tourism and are big businesses for attracting the interest of potential MICE event organisers.

It’s hard to believe, but the MICE market is the highest revenue contributor to the global tourism industry with an annual global value that is expected to reach $1,780 billion by 2030, no wonder so many destinations want a slice of that lucrative pie.

The benefits of private jet charters for the MICE event industry

MICE events usually mean moving large groups of people between one destination and another, and for many event planners, private jet charters are rapidly growing in popularity.

Since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, corporations and large companies have become more concerned about maintaining their employees’ health and safety. In a move first designed to help executives avoid busy airports and overcrowded flights, private jet charters have been swift and decisive in delivering additional benefits.

Along with the safety and hygiene factors, private jet charters may even prove to be more financially rewarding than booking first-class or premium-class tickets for a large group of travelling executives.

When time is a commodity

For many corporate travellers, time is money. Long security queues and congested terminals can eat into that valuable time, and there is always the uncertainty that flights may be delayed or cancelled, or that the nearest available hub airport is a long way from the MICE event, adding hours to travel times. In the world of big business, any delays usually cost a lot of money. Private jet charters, where you have the power to determine the entire itinerary, are like a private door-to-door service, getting you and your guests directly to where you need to be without the frustrations that often accompany scheduled airlines.

Sending a team to a MICE event can be expensive

A private jet charter for 20 – 50 people might even save you money in the long run.

Imagine sending 50 executives to an international event; that means 50 premium airline tickets, taxis to and from the airport, along with evening meals, entertainment, and accommodation the bill can be staggering.

With a private aircraft charter, everyone flies together, creating a better synergy, allowing for additional pre-event meeting time, or just the chance to relax in comfort before what could be a very demanding couple of days. And finally, the entire team all have to get back home again with the possibilities of scheduled flight disruption and more wasted time and money.

And don’t forget, whether 30 people or 50 people are travelling together on a large business jet, the cost will be the same.

Privacy and security

It might not seem like a big deal, but privacy can be a major concern for many executives. Travelling to a MICE event with a group of colleagues can offer a great opportunity to have a last-minute brainstorming session, prepare a sales strategy, swap notes on network contacts, and prepare for the upcoming business at hand in a private and secure environment.

The importance of flexibility

Attending MICE venues and events on an international scale can be greatly simplified by using a reliable private jet hire company.

A good private jet charter company will intrinsically understand the MICE industry and what it entails and can offer the perfect solutions to align with your needs. Whatever you can imagine, an experienced private jet hire company can make it all come together. Whether you want to advertise your company logo as part of the aircraft’s livery, provide specially designed menus, arrange luxury ground transport solutions, or even fly to smaller, more convenient private landing strips or airfields – saving more time and avoiding large commercial travel hubs – private jets offer the greatest flexibility and value for money. And finally, your guests arrive fresh, relaxed, and ready to do business.

Using MICE events to treat your team

Sometimes an organisation, a business, or even a government department will have a recent to celebrate, whether that’s a significant company anniversary, the announcement of a new partnership or product, or to celebrate a success MICE events are the perfect place to treat your team. Not everyone has had the opportunity to experience private jet travel and a major industry MICE event might just be the occasion you need to charter a private jet and let your team know their value to the company. Also, arriving at an industry event by private jet can be a good opportunity for marketing or just a great way of getting your presence noticed by the competition.

Private jets and the event venue industry

We’ve already outlined some of the reasons why private jet charters make MICE events even more special. But it’s worth remembering that every private jet charter will be different, with different sets of requirements from group sizes to any extras that need to be organised.

That’s why finding the perfect jet charter partner should be your first port-of-call. An experienced charter company will have the know-how and the personnel to arrange even the tiniest or most unique of details. Long-established charter companies already understand the MICE industry inside-out, they have the back-up of an extensive network of reliable partners, and the ability to offer real value for money.

Being a MICE event planner or organiser – who sometimes work on a project up to two years in advance – can be a highly stressful job. Anyone or anything that help remove some of that stress has to be considered. Forging a strong and reliable partnership with a charter company can reap benefits over many years. The more you use a reliable jet charter company the more likely you are to have your every need catered for to match your requirements exactly, and in turn, make your job easier and with greater results.