Press Release and SEO: What it is all about?

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Press releases are a means of distributing events and announcing them to the press.

Google defines press release as an official statement to newspapers providing information about a specific problem.

The idea behind press releases is to use them to share exciting content with interested parties. Press releases can also be used to improve and complement the present strategy of SEO which may already include a blogger outreachprograms, social presence, content marketing or blogging.

Press releases distribution service became very famous around five years ago when Google’s page ranking algorithm or formula was affected by the number of links to a particular page. The more links, the more popular and relevant the page will be. However, marketers began to over post inconsiderate press releases purely to build links and compete for the top spots in the SERPs. So, Google modified its algorithm to reduce the value of links, and press release distribution service set the links to nofollow so they can be invisible for the search engines. Still, the links have some value, and you can post your press releases on your site to get the credit of SEO even if the press release distribution service makes use of the nofollow command.

Benefits of Press Release Distribution Service:

You might be questioning how SEO and press releases related to each other. There are several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits when it comes to publishing a press release. Here are some of the benefits of press release distribution service

Increase visibility

When search engines believe that search results for a particular keyword can be optimized with related news, they include a “News Results” section on the first page. Keyword enhanced press releases will look like news in popular searches and instantly increase visibility.

Indirect value

Indirect value is the most significant SEO benefit of the best press release distribution service. In the world of SEO, press releases offer more indirect value as compared to the direct value. You can also get the value directly from the press release website link. However, the real benefit lies in the indirect value it generates. When they do, your business reaches that golden link, citation, mention, referral traffic, buzz etc. from all of the external sources.

Brand recognition

Other benefits of SEO that come with the best press release distribution service include brand recognition. In addition to participating in reputable news sites, a well-written and targeted Internet press release may seem in the “News Results” section of search engine results pages.

SEO is all about trying to make your content the best it can be, to attract search engines like Google and reward you with a high position on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). It is a fact that press releases don’t have the same importance in search engines however, it is still a valued tool for marketing that can expand the reach of your brand. To get the maximum benefits, consider press release distribution service.