PR Distribution Health: The Ultimate Healthcare Press Release Distribution Solution

PR Distribution, the number one leader in press release distribution services, has launched PR Distribution Health, the ultimate healthcare press release distribution solution.

The PR Distribution Health, which will be hosted alongside other several services that the company offers, is set to give healthcare organizations a boost in marketing their services and products.

Apart from health press release distribution, the agency, which has served for over eighteen years, can also write and edit press releases for organizations.

With PR Distribution Health packages, clients can get Multi-Wire and Multi-Wire Pro PR Distribution plus editorial placement from top health media outlets, giving the news story a maximum coverage, visibility and exposure across the health segment.

The company works along with other health news-publishing websites and magazines that can help boost visibility of both small-scale healthcare businesses as well as corporations.

The major organizations for healthcare press release distribution that work with PR Distribution, include Digital Health Buzz, a platform that covers digital health, healthcare IT, healthcare startups, organizations, products and events across the healthcare community.

Another one is WOMS, or World of Medical Saviors, a trustworthy and informative medical media outlet, created by a group of medical professionals from around the world, including the United States, Australia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

There is also Youth Health Magazine which offers news content around teen health, fitness, diet, beauty, mental health and more—all with a creative spin, geared towards the youth.

Others include Health Benefit Times, Be Wise Professor, RX Review, Latinos Health and Good Men Project.

All the media outlets that PR Distribution works with have been selected carefully taking into consideration their rank on Alexa, traffic and domain authority.

Distributing your press release via PR Distribution can help increase your sales revenue, increase your perceived authority from prospective customers, establish social proof with Charlie Munger’s “Lollapalooza effect”, accelerate your SEO and climb up in search engine rankings and generate buzz forever!

Other media outlets that PR Distribution works with to help businesses include world class media outlets such as Bloomberg, AP News, Street Insider, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, CenturyLink, Synacor; ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW stations and affiliates; Google News, Bing News, DuckDuckGo, Telemundo, Tech Times, GeekWeek, VC Post, Business Telegraph and so much more!

Grow your healthcare, healthtech, medical or pharmaceutical company or organization today with PR Distribution Health by PR Distribution! Please visit to get started.