Popular Mens Haircuts

Mens haircuts continue to evolve and push style boundaries. The top modern cuts manipulate lengths, textures, and styling products for unique flair. But classic styles also remain the go-to choices.

Mens haircuts continue to evolve and push style boundaries. The top modern cuts manipulate lengths, textures, and styling products for unique flair. But classic styles also remain the go-to choices.

From short to long and everything in between, there are many popular haircuts for men to embrace. Check out some of the most classic mens haircuts and find inspiration for your next hairstyle here.

Crew Cut

The crew cut maintains approximately one inch of uniform short length over the head. Crew cuts can taper slightly shorter along the nape and sides.

The hint of length on top is styleable but remains low-maintenance. It’s the perfect neat and masculine cut.


Fades taper hair shorter near the neckline before gradually blending to longer hair on top. Popular types include high, mid, low, drop, bald, and temple fades.

Fades work on straight, curly, or wavy hair. The graduated lengths help hair lay neatly and accentuate the crown. Fades allow styling versatility.


Undercuts trim hair short on the sides and back to disconnect it from longer hair on top. High contrasts create an eye-catching shaped style.

The longer hair on top can be styled tall or swept back or over for volume. Undercuts draw attention upward for a flattering appearance.


Pompadours style short to medium-length hair swept up and back from the forehead. Volume at the roots creates a vintage wave.

Modern pompadours often fade or undercut the sides. This polished yet bold throwback style turns heads. It works well on thick hair.

Comb Over

Comb overs sweep hair diagonally from one side over to the other. This styling creates the appearance of thicker hair and disguises thinning.

Cut hair short to medium-length on top and taper the sides. The gradual sweep flatters various face shapes. Styling product holds the shape in place.


The quiff directs volume forward and up rather than back. This casual bedhead style works well on men with thick or wavy hair.

A short to medium length is ideal for achieving the brushed-up wave. Fade or undercut the sides to prevent a bulky silhouette. It’s an effortless style to manage.

Slick Back

Slick backs brush hair cleanly off the forehead directly backward. Pomade or wax creates a shiny, straight finish.

This polished, refined style keeps hair contained and sophisticated. It complements a tapered or faded undercut. The sleekness slims wide face shapes.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts trim hair to a very short, uniform length with clippers. This fuss-free style of mens haircuts works on all hair types.

Buzz cuts are low-maintenance and feel great in warm weather. According to MensHaircuts, the minimalist cut keeps the focus on you instead of your hair.


Crops trim hair down to an extra short length on the crown. Crops range from subtly clipped to a consistent buzzed length all over.

Cropped cuts are ideal for minimizing the look of thinning hair or receding hairlines. They project a bold attitude.

Textured Crop

Textured crops chop hair short on top in uneven, choppy layers. This adds natural volume and flow to fine or thinning hair.

The mix of lengths can be styled in different ways. Layers prevent flatness and create versatility. Textured crops are edgy yet polished.

Long Hair

Long hair makes a rebellious yet classically cool statement past the shoulders or to the mid-back. Layers encourage movement.

Thick, straight hair can grow heavy, so ask your stylist for wispy layers and soft fringe to lighten long locks. Man buns and ponytails tame long styles.

Side Part

Side parts neatly comb hair over to one side versus a centered position. This refined yet natural look flatters oval and long face shapes.

For controlled polish, use pomade to keep the hair groomed and flowing to one side. Add a hard side part or shaved line for dramatic distinction.

Slicked Back + Undercut

Slick backs sweep hair off the forehead, brushing it backward into a tidy, dapper shape. Undercuts trim the sides short for contrast.

The refined, streamlined combo of a slick back crowning undercut sides has a polished yet edgy vibe. It brings out your best facial features.

Faux Hawk

Faux hawks style hair longer through the center into a mohawk-esque shape, tapering shorter sides. No head strip is required!