Pluxee’s Innovative Benefits Solutions for Employees

With the phenomenon of ‘quiet quitting’ on the rise and the ability to attract and retain talent being key challenges for employers, it has never been more important for organisations to stand out in how they attract and motivate their staff to be loyal and enthusiastic.

Pluxee is a platform that provides solutions for employee benefits, rewards, recognition, and incentives.

It is designed to help employers enhance their workforce’s physical well-being, financial support, and mental health, aiming to create a more engaged and satisfied employee base.

The platform offers services and tools tailored to improve the overall employee experience in meaningful ways.

8 Reasons to choose Pluxee

1. Financial Well-being App

Pluxeee offers tools to help your employees with their finances, like a money app and lessons on managing money. This can help reduce their money worries.

It’s important to keep your employees from adding to their debts. Instead, we encourage returning to basics and creating an environment where employees feel comfortable discussing their money issues. Money worries among employees cost the UK economy a lot in lost work hours.

Being stressed about money can affect employees’ physical and mental health. So, it’s good to have a complete solution for their financial well-being, which can lead to a healthier and happier workforce.

Their Financial Well-being package can be easily added to your existing payroll system, making it convenient and cost-effective to support your employees. There are various resources and advice to help them manage their money better.

They also provide important information for those struggling with debt.Their Financial Well-being App connects budgeting tools to your employee’s bank accounts, helping them track their spending and change their habits.

The app allows employees to access their wages before payday, track their earnings, save directly from their pay, talk to financial coaches, check their financial health score, and more. It’s all about making money management simpler for everyone.

2. Pluxee’s Green Cars

Get a brand-new Green Car chosen by your employees with a special salary sacrifice deal. They offer over 18,000 Green Cars, the largest selection around.

Everything is covered, like yearly servicing, insurance, and even replacing tires. Their scheme lets your employees save money on the latest eco-friendly cars, from electric cars to family-friendly SUVs.

By spreading the cost through monthly deductions from their salary, buying a new car becomes more affordable for your employees. Plus, they’ll save money on taxes and National Insurance Contributions. There are also good options for buying the car at the end of the lease.

On average, employees save around £350 on National Insurance Contributions when they buy an ultra-low emission car through their scheme. With other tax savings, it’s a benefit that doesn’t cost your business extra money.

They handle all the scheme details, like negotiating with suppliers and dealing with employee questions. Their team is dedicated to boosting employee participation and ensuring the scheme impacts your business needs.

3. Cycle to Work

Spread the cost of your dream bike and save on commuting expenses. Cycling keeps you fit, improves mental health, and reduces your carbon footprint. You can save up to 42% on tax and National Insurance contributions.

Apply for a new or upgraded bike and get all your accessories with the same scheme. There are no end-of-hire charges – once repaid, the bike is yours.

Cycle to Work is a popular employee benefit that boosts engagement and lowers overall business emissions.

Help your employees stretch their salaries and promote a healthy lifestyle, reducing absenteeism. This benefit also helps attract and retain talent. Save up to 13.8% on National Insurance payments with a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Their online portal makes managing the scheme easy, minimizing your workload. Choose the best scheme for your people and business, spreading the salary sacrifice arrangement over 12 or 18 months. You control their online portal, which is accessible via desktop or mobile.

4. Pluxee Card

Introducing the Pluxee Card: a digital payment solution for your business’s recognition, incentive, and employee benefits programs.

Load cash rewards directly to the card, which can be used online and in-store worldwide. Earn up to 15% cashback at over 80 partner retailers.

Get exclusive offers through our app and track earnings on the go. Customize cards with your branding for added visibility.

5. SmartPay

A valuable benefit of supporting your employees’ financial well-being is offering essential purchases without financial stress.

Why SmartPay?

● Completely free with no hidden costs.
● The widest range of retailers across tech and lifestyle salary deduction schemes.
● Flexible for businesses of any size.
● Seamlessly integrates with your existing benefits portfolio.
● Easy-to-use admin portal for control.
● Free events and marketing support for promotion.

⇒ SmartPay for Your People

Unexpected expenses happen. SmartPay offers an affordable solution for a new washing machine, the latest fitness wearable, or holiday gifts.

Avoid high-interest loans or credit cards. SmartPay spreads upfront costs through manageable salary deductions for technology, appliances, well-being, and lifestyle purchases.

Empower employees to have peace of mind and better financial management with SmartPay.

6. eVouchers

Offering more choice and flexibility leads to a higher return on investment for businesses. Employees can maximize their salaries with instant discounts from over 150 popular retailers and brands, helping them save on everyday expenses and enjoy more of life’s pleasures.

Pluxee Evouchers provide a sustainable alternative to one-off bonuses, allowing unlimited savings on various purchases.

With a wide range of retailers and brands across 130,000 locations, every employee can benefit from salary-stretching discounts.

Accessible through a user-friendly desktop portal or mobile app, employees can easily download and redeem eVouchers online or in-store.

7. Gym & Fitness Discounts

Unlock up to 25% off annual memberships with renowned fitness brands through Pluxee Gyms & Fitness discounts.

Combatting absenteeism, this initiative promotes a healthier lifestyle, reducing illness and boosting morale, ultimately enhancing employee retention and acquisition rates.

By prioritizing employees’ health and well-being, you demonstrate a commitment to their happiness.

With discounts available at over 3,000 gyms, studios, and digital fitness providers across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Pluxee accommodates various preferences and schedules.

From nature enthusiasts to busy individuals, everyone can find suitable options, including boot camps, sports clubs, and online workout programs.

Plus, employees can extend these benefits to their families, fostering more active lifestyles collectively.

8. Online GP

Promoting a Healthy Workplace

Accessible Online GP services can save UK businesses £1.5 billion in lost time, providing employees worldwide access to digital healthcare support and enhancing their well-being.

⇒ The Pluxee Effect

38% of people acknowledge that accessing an online GP could improve their mental well-being, offering speedy and convenient medical assistance.

Employees can book 20-minute video consultations with GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners, choose their clinicians, and have prescriptions delivered to their door.

They can also access self-care content and tools through the My Health app, share notes with their NHS practice, and soon benefit from QuickConsult for fast medication access without appointments.

1. Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Highly qualified ANPs assist with minor ailments or illness flare-ups, offering assessments, diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, follow-up plans, and referrals for further treatment.

2. Investing in Employee Well-being

46% of employees evaluate benefits packages when considering job opportunities. A robust Employee Value Proposition enhances retention and acquisition rates, contributing to business success.

3. Proactive Healthcare

Encouraging self-care through the My Health feature helps employees prioritize their physical and mental health, reducing absenteeism and promoting engagement.

4. Reducing Absenteeism

Accessible healthcare support reduces time off due to illness, as employees can schedule appointments around work and lifestyle commitments without disrupting their productivity.

5. Increasing Engagement

Investing in employee health fosters a happier and more productive workforce, aligning with their needs and priorities. Online GP services empower employees to focus on what truly matters.