Playing casinos through your smartphone in Canada


Technology has come a long way since the 90s, both within online gambling and the possibilities with a smartphone.

For a long period, playing casino games was strictly a brick-and-mortar solution which required physical presence. As technology developed, people were able to play online but only through a PC towards a website.  These days, mobile presence is where most of online gambling happens. The users have moved away from PC usage to smartphone, having everything on the go makes for an easier life and the access to everything with a simple tap. This article compares mobile casinos vs apps, what to chose and think of when playing on Canadian mobile casinos.

With the demand of mobile-ready games together with high-speed internet that is available in most of the world, casino operators have adapted. If casinos which have a big online presence wants to make it in today’s landscape, they need either a casino app or a mobile optimized website, catering for most users. Considering this, the shift to mobile-first is still ongoing as technology moves forward, making mobile-first casino games which works on all smartphone devices.

As a consumer it can be a bit confusing, as all games are not available through the devices because of different mechanics but with that said, most games are available which makes for a fun experience where players can enjoy the games on the go from wherever, where all is needed is a stable internet connection.

How to play on casinos through your phone in 3 simple steps

  1. Open a browser of choice in your smartphone (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  2. Pick a casino from lists or go into the casino’s website directly
  3. Create an account
  4. Deposit and start playing!

What is the difference between casino apps and mobile optimized?

Casino apps is where the player downloads an app which enables them to play through the app only. This comes with some benefits like exclusive in-app casino bonuses, availability of other games compared to mobile-optimized and a quicker login phase. The caveats with having a casino app are the constant updates, where if you don’t have an updated app you will not be able to play.

There is a big shift in the industry now where operators are going from the apps, creating mobile-optimized sites instead. Going into the games via the browser directly opens a new kind of speed and user experience, making it easier and more accessible.

Pros and cons of mobile casinos vs casino apps

  • Ease of access – using mobile-optimized casinos takes a second while an app needs to be downloaded and updated.
  • Game choices – Casino apps might have a larger selection of games but a shift is happening where mobile-optimized has the identical game library as the website – meaning all games are available.
  • Apps can be limited to iPhone or Android only, whereas mobile-optimized sites caters for all devices

Our conclusion about the differences and what to choose comes down to what you as a user feels more comfortable with, with that said more casino sites will be available in the browser compared to having an app. We can clearly see a shift from app to mobile first considering the ease of access and not having to download an app. As technology moves forward, game developers will make certain that all games available on PC will be available on smartphones as well.