Planning a Party Post-Covid

Now slowly all the restrictions are lifting all over the world after lockdown. However, still, there are some sorts of restrictions but everyone can still enjoy outdoor events.

If you are living in the UK, you are probably thinking to hire a cocktail maker for your outdoor event. Even more, people are allowed for the parties. Government guidelines keep on changing all the time and the risk of a second wave is looming around as well.

Many informative articles are roaming around about how the parties should be organized? Today, we are going to discuss some of the do and don’ts for the parties. Pandemic has made it quite difficult to arrange parties or events. There are some of the key considerable points for planning the event to encourage guests:

1. High Hygiene Standards

Event planners must try to ensure venue safety and demonstrate it by following high hygiene standards. They must ensure that how the event activities should be performed to execute the event safely. The party venue should be clean, tidy, and hygienically safe. As the second wave of coronavirus is likely to spread across the countries, venue owners must try to maintain hygiene.

2. Social Distancing

All activities offered during the events must be fully safe. For all activities of the event, you should try to make sure that all expectations must be met perfectly. Here the staff behavior, serving, and welcome of the guests must be executed properly. For common areas like serving areas or washrooms, there should be no queue and only one person should be there at a time.

Moreover, if there is any narrow corridor then people should be able to walk through it properly. You can consider a self-service check-in kiosk for the event for proper execution to avoid congestion points. In this way, you can maintain social distancing for the event.

3. Contactless Accelerations

The events can now be executed in a contactless manner by using touch screens, sensors beacons, facial recognition, and event apps. There should be contactless event execution embraced with technology. The security check for any corporate event party is always recommended to maintain social distancing. The security personnel and delegates should wear plastic gloves.

4. Reduced Number of Guests

The lockdown has been lifted and life has been smoothening. Still, to organize the COVID-friendly party you should try to keep the number of guests minimum. Across the globe the government is issuing new guidelines, so to avoid any hassle try to call only the required number of people for your event. For food items, you can choose any catering service and for cocktail needs, mobile bar hire can be the best idea.

5. Offer Hygiene Products

There should be proper arrangements for washing the hands of staff, attendees, and guests. The washing area and essentials must be easily accessible. There should also be soap, hand dryers, and running water arrangements around the event. Antibacterial sanitizer and foam should also be there and the contact surface and area should be properly sanitized.

Final Thoughts

To plan and execute the Covid-friendly party you can consider these points. Moreover, just try to be more cautious while planning for the event. Even to serve the food-items you can either use disposable to avoid contact and choose the catering service accordingly.