Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Christ Embassy makes administrative progress according to UK legal investigation

UK Charity Commission concludes its legal investigation, clearing Christ Embassy of any wrongdoing and commends the organization led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for making strides to improve its internal administration.

The UK Charity Commission recently released its report detailing the results of a five-year long investigation into Christ Embassy, a Nigerian-based international evangelical church founded and led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that has a strong presence in the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa and Canada.

The probe focused on issues associated with the church’s administration, decision-making processes and record-keeping, and potential conflict of interest. During the investigation, the Commission appointed an interim manager to examine the charity’s financial records and to help the organization implement improved policies for the management and administration of the charity. Christ Embassy has been deemed current on all necessary reporting and compliance mandates.

UK Charity Commission applauds Christ Embassy’s progress

The primary concerns of the investigation dealt with the actions of Christ Embassy’s board of trustees beginning in 2012. Christ Embassy asserted that all members of the charity’s board of trustees were volunteers who were devoting their time and effort to a cause that they strongly believed in; to help others and not just themselves. Any missteps that occurred can be attributed to the fact that these volunteers lacked proper training and understanding of financial management and UK law and bureaucratic processes.

The charity has since instated a new board of trustees and drafted new governing documents to ensure their compliance with UK law. The Charity Commission applauded the strides that Christ Embassy has made in improving oversight and control by the new board of trustees. Policies regarding decision-making processes and record-keeping have been revised, addressing previous deficiencies in the organization’s administration.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome delivering an inspirational sermon during a LoveWorld TV program.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Christ Embassy Ministry

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of LoveWorld Inc. a Christian organization that operates a global network of churches and international satellite television stations providing wholesome religious programing for millions of people around the world, including through popular television channels in the United Kingdom and the United States. LoveWorld TV UK was named the ‘Most Impactful TV Station of the Year’ for the third consecutive year at the Presidential Staff Awards in 2018.

LoveWorld also operates a successful publishing house that produces numerous books and media including a devotional Bible, Rhapsody of Realities, authored by Pastor Chris. The daily devotional has been published in hundreds of languages and distributed to millions of people worldwide.

Pastor Chris faces financial scrutiny

The UK Charity Commission’s investigation is not the first time Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy have faced scrutiny for its financial dealings and the organization of its administration. Considering the size of the LoveWorld organization and the popularity of Pastor Chris, it is not surprising that there are those interested in the inner workings of the organization.

In the past, there were attempts to accuse Pastor Chris and his family of illegal financial activities, when in fact the issue in question was nothing more than a failed business venture initiated by Pastor Chris’s former wife. There have since been numerous reports that contradict these allegations, proving that the Oyakhilome’s financial transactions were part of a partnership to launch a mobile phone data compression company that encountered roadblocks and failed to materialize.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome delivering an inspirational sermon during a LoveWorld TV program.

Christ Embassy’s charitable mission and activities

Providing charity to the most vulnerable and needy populations has been an important foundational principle of Christ Embassy and a personal mission for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He founded the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), a non-governmental, non-profit organization that promotes and sponsors charitable initiatives that execute high-impact programs across the globe.

COFI’s partners include the Volunteer Medical Corps, Trauma Care International Foundation, the InnerCity Mission for Children and the Future Africa Leaders Foundation. These organizations work to help improve life for victims of natural and man-made disasters and children and families living in poverty by providing urgent and preventative medical care, food and resources, and quality educational opportunities.

These are the same values that guide the organization’s charitable initiatives in the United Kingdom. The Christ Embassy charity in the UK was founded in 1996 and operates numerous church branches across the country; providing worship services, religious advocacy and charitable resources to thousands.

Christ Embassy and its LoveWorld partner organizations are devoted to building strong communities through supporting the development of the foundational building blocks of society: education, healthcare, family, leadership and faith.

Pastor Chris: A leader of the global evangelical movement

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has inspired thousands to join in Christian fellowship in the United Kingdom. LoveWorld committed a total of over £8 million to charitable activities in 2017. For the visionary Pastor Chris, Christ Embassy is more than just a church, it is a vibrant community of Christians devoted to achieving their God-given potential and helping others to realize theirs.

Christ Embassy hosts events across the world; bringing together a diverse community of believers. Last year, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosted the World Evangelism Conference in London.

LoveWorld pastors and leaders from around the world came together for the historical three-day event where Pastor Chris was joined by televangelist American Pastor Benny Hinn and other leaders of the global evangelical movement.

The ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the work of Christ Embassy have impacted countless lives through messages of love and faith. The organization will continue its tireless efforts to improve the lives and circumstances of people in every corner of the world.

The results of the UK Charity Commission’s investigation have affirmed the organization’s charitable mission, and Christ Embassy will continue to strive to achieve the high standards for charities set by the Government of the United Kingdom.