OpenPayd partners with Token to unlock open banking for business


The online banking and digital service provider, OpenPayd, joined forces with Token to provide their consumers with a brand new banking concept designed to provide users with the highest level of quality service and reliability.

This is exciting news for any business looking for a secure Open Banking option.

Consumers can access Open Banking services conveniently while enjoying the highest security, reliability, and customer-centricity levels. According to the founder of OpenPayd, Ozan Ozerk, this partnership’s primary mission is bringing Open Banking to a broader audience and allowing users to manage all their business finance and banking needs in a more effective manner.

Open Banking for Businesses

This type of banking model allows users to use a single multipurpose platform to manage their finances and banking needs, deal with payments, and so much more. This collaboration is just phase-one in what is to become the multiphase project of OpenPayd.

The vision is quite innovative and simple – to allow all clients to manage all their banking necessities in one API-driven platform. The digital world of the internet puts many challenges before modern enterprises. The corporate sector has a hard time coping with all the new trends and changes that affect every vertical of the world’s industries.

Since managing finances effectively and promptly is one of the driving factors of success in this digital business environment, the corporate sector needs an effective banking solution that will allow them to process their finances accordingly. The partnership between OpenPayd and Token is all about ensuring that such a banking solution now becomes available to corporate clients.

OpenPayd’s Innovative Technology

We talked to OpenPayd’s CEO, Iana Dimitrova, to get some clarification about this Open Banking innovative technology and how it helps corporations manage their payment experiences.

According to her, this partnership is meant to provide digital marketplaces, lenders, remittance organizations, financial institutions, and crypto companies with a service that allows customers to aggregate account services in one place and enjoy a higher level of customer experience and exceptional payment convenience.

Token operates in 31 countries and has 3,138 connected banks in its network. This leading Open Banking service offers unprecedented benefits to clients that help them keep and manage all transaction and account data through a single API-driven interface for all payments and bill settlements.

One goal is to offer a single Open Banking API to clients to help them manage all their payments and banking. Apart from that, the OpenPayd/Token partnership is also working towards launching a new solution that should empower clients to include the latest Open Banking features to their target audience.

This new and innovative solution allows clients to successfully integrate Token’s API interface and enable their consumers to combine their business banking services across numerous banks, using a single platform to manage all their needs. This single dashboard offers better options for seamlessly initiating payments and managing balances.

New Open Banking API Solutions Are on the Way

With such a revolutionary banking solution, OpenPayd will ensure its spot among the leading providers of cutting-edge payments and banking infrastructure. However, all these innovations are just the tip of the iceberg.

The newly forged partners are about to launch new Open Banking API solutions designed to allow businesses to take their banking to a whole new level while keeping things secure, safe, and straightforward.

User-friendliness and customer-centricity are the two most important factors in driving this digital change. Clients need to understand how these new solutions help them remain relevant and competitive while improving customer loyalty along the way.

Real-Time Payments Management

The first phase was unlocking Open Banking to customers as an innovative way of managing banking and finances. The second phase includes creating new services and features with the primary goal to make the concept of Open Banking available worldwide and empower both OpenPayd’s and Token’s clients to offer advanced payments and banking to their target audiences.

From digital marketplaces to crypto businesses, the OpenPayd & Token partnership covers a wide range of clients and industries. According to CEO Iana Dimitrova, Open Banking is the future. It allows users to tailor their own payment experiences while providing their consumers with exceptional banking options.

The growth of the Open Banking sector is based on the growth of the clients. Open Banking users can use one application or web platform to gather all payments from all other banking services they use and manage all finances from one place. What’s also important is that this one platform has to comply with PSD2 protocols, and OpenPayd guarantees this compliance.

By adding the SEPA Instant feature to the most advanced services such as Faster Payments, the company offers its target audience the opportunity to gather UK and EU payments in one place and manage all the finances in real-time. All this while providing consumers with an exceptional user experience.

Open Banking is a sure way to offer target audiences the highest value and encourage them to adopt this new banking approach that will support their individual business growth while providing their consumer base with top services and unparalleled customer experience.

It’s Only the Beginning

After everything stated above, the logical conclusion is that the partnership between OpenPayd and Token will open many new opportunities for both platforms’ end-users. It will contribute to making Open Banking a widely accepted and adopted practice, gathering more companies into the fold.

The partnership will launch innovative banking solutions, workflows, and tools to allow the end-users to maximize their financial and banking efficiencies and usher in a new era of the most secure digital banking. This is just the beginning of something much bigger. To find out more about the things to come, you can visit OpenPayd today, explore their site, and keep up with the developments.