Online Entrepreneur Academy empowers individuals to start online business ventures

Many people don’t feel satisfied in their current jobs. It’s not uncommon to hear friends or family members complain about their work, but they need to stick to it day after day to make ends meet.

What’s worse is that some day jobs require people to move away from home for several months. If this sounds like you, you know how frustrating it is to work multiple hours a day away from the people you love.

These are the problems the Online Entrepreneur Academy wants to address, helping individuals start online business ventures to generate a steady income stream without being away from their family. The immense popularity of the internet has enabled ordinary people to turn their dream of becoming an entrepreneur into reality.

It’s never been easier to get started because of the myriad of online platforms that give you all the building blocks you need. Still, it can be confusing especially for someone who has worked in an office setting for his or her entire adult life.

By enrolling in Online Entrepreneur Academy, you’ll be one of the first students to benefit from a one-year curriculum that teaches you the various skill sets necessary to become a successful online entrepreneur.

While there are plenty of other training courses out there, you’ll find that these one-off courses don’t use a comprehensive approach, which means you may have to enroll in multiple courses to cover all the bases.

The classes are conducted in a live virtual setting. If you haven’t been in an online classroom before, then this is the best time to try it out. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to learn from real-life entrepreneurs.

The live virtual setting also allows members to freely share their experiences and knowledge while also collaborating on projects explicitly designed to enhance your online entrepreneurial skills. The curriculum is also customized to the member, giving them the confidence to know they will succeed online, as it’s geared towards their personality and strengths!

The one-year curriculum includes the different aspects of online entrepreneurship. You’ll learn everything from building an attractive and functional website and using social media to build a loyal following to boosting your organic rankings and measuring the success of your online marketing campaigns.

These things may prove overwhelming at the beginning, but the over-the-shoulder approach teaching by the experts at Online Entrepreneur Academy makes the process a whole lot easier.

Another benefit to enrolling in this program is that you’ll be provided with a clear roadmap based on your unique needs and goals. Not all members share the same online business idea.

This is precisely why the instructors will take the time to learn about what you want to accomplish and help you create a roadmap that takes you closer to your goals one small step at a time. Knowing exactly where you’re headed helps you stay motivated throughout the journey even if you hit roadblocks along the way.

According to Alex Dee, the founder of Online Entrepreneur Academy, his passion for helping other people become successful online entrepreneurs was brought about by his personal experiences in his corporate job career. He used to work almost the entire year away from his family. Alex knew that something had to be done to turn his life around, and he did so by studying more than 200 business models and finding a way to leverage this knowledge to start an online business.

Alex started as a part-time online entrepreneur, and he soon quit his day job to run several online businesses. He knows that plenty of other people are currently dealing with what he experienced in the past. This serves as his primary motivation, explaining that making money from home isn’t the most important thing.

He further shares that many of the real-life online entrepreneurs who teach at the Online Entrepreneur Academy want to share their knowledge with others as a means of building their own legacy.

It’s the next logical step after building a successful online business. Once you know you and your family are taken care of, creating a lasting impact on the lives of others will be the next step!

So how does one achieve this transformation? “We show people how to be financially certain! Which means, it’s a skillset that if you should you ever lose all your money, you can be able to get back up and running to provide for you and your family! Once you have this skillset, you can create money on demand!”

Online Entrepreneur Academy is accepting new members during its pre-launch stage now for special pricing until its official launch in April 2019 when the live curriculum begins.

Join thousands of others that will be making the transition with you from a job or traditional business to online and take your first step towards becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.