Nursery Furniture Buying Guide: What Do You Really Need?

Setting up a nursery for your little one is exciting and challenging. You need to consider three things: the space, style, and budget.

Our guide will help you narrow down the search and choose the best baby furniture in 2022.

Planning the layout requires research and inspiration. Check the collections at Dragons of Walton Street – bespoke nursery furniture for some incredible ideas. Whether to make a statement with the design or keep it low-key is up to you.

1.   Crib

Start with a crib, as it is the centrepiece of any nursery that should determine the overall decor. If you are running low on space, consider getting a mini crib. Such beds are great space savers, as the typical dimensions are 24 inches by 38 inches. At the same time, high-quality smaller cribs provide as much comfort as their full-size counterparts.

Avoid second-hand furniture at all costs. Old cribs may have loose screws and unstable frames due to wear and tear. Keep your baby safe! You can also consider the SNOO sale.

2.   Mattress

You may need to purchase a mattress separately. Make sure it fits the crib perfectly. Gaps around the edges are a safety hazard. Note that foam loses shape faster than sprung mattresses, and the cover must be made of organic material.

You need a firm and breathable item. Steer clear of latex, adhesives, toxic chemicals, and other dangerous substances but may be used in mattress production. If you manage to get a washable mattress, you are lucky!

3.   Dresser and Changing Table Combo

You may be surprised, but buying a dresser and a changing table separately makes little sense. Instead, just buy a dresser and a changing topper to secure onto it. Use a top drawer to store diapers, wipes, and creams. The dresser can store plenty of baby items, from bibs to blankets to swaddles.

A dresser will accommodate your child’s growth. After they learn to use the potty, you can remove the topper. You can then use the same dresser as storage for several years!

4.   Rocker or Glider

Your baby will sit in this chair while you feed them, tell stories, sing songs, laugh, etc. This is a very special piece of furniture and part of cherished memories lasting for years to come. As your baby gets older, you will still be able to capture special moments in your rocker or glider. Complement it with a footstool to provide more comfort and support during late-night snuggles!

Final Tip: Bare Is Best

You may be tempted to put cute pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets in the crib. Remember that any of these items may cause suffocation. Keep them in a basket. Do not put anything inside the crib except a firm mattress and a tight-fitting sheet.