No-cheating essay writing: 3 ways to make things easier at college

essay writing

Academic paper writing and submitting homework in time is not that hard. Showing up to lectures is not hard, either. Making friends with everyone in your dorm is pretty easy, too. But if you pile all these things on top of each other, you get a serious load.

There are many students who feel stressed and overwhelmed, especially during the finals week. We all cope with stress differently. Some things that may work for you, may not work for your friend.

In this article, we’ve prepared some universal tips on making your academic load more bearable. So, let’s get to them!

Acknowledge Your Imperfection

The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging it. Sure, studying at college is hard, but which part of it makes you feel the most stressed? Try to analyze your behaviors and patterns and find the most dreaded assignments.

Let’s assume it’s academic writing. Students get a lot of written assignments, all of them are different and professors don’t rush to show understanding or compassion in terms of homework. Especially now, with distance learning, they might give you even more assignments to make sure you’re really studying.

One of the best ways to ease the burden of a writing assignment is by looking at free essay samples online. Feel free to use them to your advantage and get inspired by other people’s papers before getting to writing your own.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is the uniqueness score. After getting inspired this way, you may unintentionally copy someone’s ideas, so it’s paramount that you use a plagiarism detector before submitting your paper.

Consider getting a more advanced one, like WriteCheck. Sure, it will cost you a bit more, but this Turnitin-based software will give you a result similar to what your teacher will see, but without copying your paper into its database. This is a worthy investment.

Get a Support Group

Venting is a sure way to get things off your chest. Sharing your struggles with your friends is a good way of talking through your problems. By doing this, you’ll see what bothers you the most. Some of your older friends may give you valuable advice or share their experience of tackling similar issues.

People tend to bond over shared ‘enemies’ so you might even find new friends this way. Just make sure not to make complaining your constant habit. This can turn you into a toxic friend that nobody wants to talk to. Focus on the positive side and look for ways out instead of just burdening people with your negativity.

If it’s test prep that’s driving you nuts, find a study group. Get together with two or three people who are approximately at your level and test each other. Studying together will help you fill in each other’s gaps. You can share experience, knowledge and simply help each other get through this. If anything, the ability to delegate is a trait of a true leader.

Distract Yourself

Obviously, if you have a due date looming, you can’t just go on TikTok and waste time watching videos. You have responsibilities and they need to be taken care of first.

Yet, if you have some time till the deadline and you can’t seem to get your brain to focus, you might need to shift your attention. Our brains are not calculus machines, they can’t work for hours on end with no breaks. Keep that in mind when you’re cramming or just doing your homework.

Getting distracted can be productive, too. Do a 15-minute workout, go for something creative like drawing or just dance in your room to your favorite song. The important part is to get out of your desk and shift your focus. Take a small walk around your neighborhood – being outside can be very beneficial to your brain function. After that, you’ll get back to work refreshed and with new ideas.

Make sure to leave the campus during your summer or spring break. Go home for the holidays or take a beach vacation with a few friends. It’s vital to give yourself an occasional break from the routine.

Take this time to recharge and find new sources of inspiration. Many people choose to stay in their dorms and watch reality TV or series to shut down their brains. But this is not a fulfilling activity, it will not refresh you and neither will it give you new memories.

Instead, being with your family can be fun, especially if you haven’t seen each other for a whole semester. Spend more time with your grandparents, ask them about their youth and you might be surprised with their cool stories!

Sure, a lot of people are separated from their families now and cannot meet them due to the pandemic. Still, take your time to call them via Skype and have a proper conversation – without rushing through it or trying to get away.

Final Thoughts

Getting a degree can be daunting and even seem unbearable sometimes. But you should always remember why you are doing this in the first place.

Maybe, you’re the first person to go to college in your family. Or perhaps you’re continuing a generations-long legacy. Regardless of the reasons, nobody has ever said that a college degree is a waste of time. Even if you don’t end up following your major in the future, you still get valuable experience, a huge network and lots of knowledge.

So, to recap: try to find your weakest points and work on them. The internet has an immense number of resources made specifically to help people like you! Find friends and study together. Quiz each other or just vent and gossip about professors. Don’t forget to distract yourself and make sure to find time for your family.