New Year, new office — 8 design tips for 2019

going green in office

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s natural that many enterprises are in reflective mode and searching for ways to enthuse staff so that they’re motivated for peak performance next year.

Provided your organisational culture and values are optimised, tweaking your physical environment might make employees feel more valued, vital and vibrant.

So if a new office design is on the cards for the New Year, here are eight tips for 2019.

Eudaimonia machine

This office design concept has its roots in Aristotle’s musings on the best physical layout for human productivity.

It’s simpler than it sounds and is based on matching spaces to specific tasks and mindsets — find out more about Eudaimonia from Architectural Digest.


A good old lick of paint could have a subtle yet powerful effect on productivity, according to a recent article in the New York Post.

Apparently, red builds energy and excitement, while green and light blue enhances relaxation. So pick the most appropriate shades for each team and head down to the DIY store.


Living green walls in receptions, breakout areas and frontline work areas are a great way of making employees and customers feel calm and composed.

And since they’re stuffed with real plants, they’re great for improving air quality too.


Sometimes the simplest refurbishment ideas are the soundest, and this certainly applies to door mats.

So order a few floor mats from Kleen-Tex and throw your old shoe-scuffers in the recycling — it’ll put a spring in everyone’s step.


One of the most effective ways of protecting employee health and promoting productivity is getting them on their feet.

And you don’t need to hire a drill instructor to do it — offering sit-stand desks to those who are interested mitigates against the health dangers of sedentary work.


According to those in the know, the Humanscale freedom office chair feels fabulous on your posterior, protects your posture and does everything bar pick the kids up from school.

Find out for yourself if it lives up to the hype by ordering from a store like John Lewis.


Offering concessionary gym membership is a staple of corporate perk packs, but if you really want to offer a life-changing health option to staff, splash out on an in-house gym.

Chat to office gym design gurus motive8 to work out the best bespoke design for your space.


For employees who aren’t gung-ho about lunchtime gym sessions, a great cup of coffee separates a mediocre office from one that’s magnificent.

And the artisan machines offered by The Coffee Desk produce blends so tasty that you’ll swear a human barista is hiding behind them.

Design your office according to our eight tips and in 2019 your employees will be bouncing out of their beds on Monday mornings — you can thank us later.

Have you redesigned your office? Share your tips in the comments section.