New technology 2019


In this small world, we are getting better in the field of technology. The rapid growth of technology is amazing, but this has also turned into a competition among the countries.

Be it a device, digital transformation, the 5G or even robot, technology makes things easier. Yet, some are just an experiment to show the world about one’s research. Let’s investigate the new technology in 2019 that the great minds have created.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This advance technology is being invented in China. Artificial intelligence will be linked to many industries. It will also be associated with many business platforms. This process will enhance the technological part of the company and well… its more modern. It will also help the business in making smart business operations due to its rapidity and gives better accuracy. Artificial Intelligence will bring about a massive scientific breakthrough. This discovery will be a part of our daily lives by 2020.

The Augmented Reality (AR)

We are all aware of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. For those who don’t know about Virtual Reality, it involves an experience that is beyond the physical world. Yet, the augmented reality adds digital components to live and is viewed on a smartphone by only using the camera. In simple words, it positions virtual images over real- world objects. How cool is that…The AR is invented to grow rapidly as it is modern, and a useful tool in industries.

Security- Global Internet of Things (IoT)

Hackers are everywhere. If you are connected to the internet, you are easily exposed to cyber- attacks. Hackers have madethe internet unsafe. The Global Internet of Things is a technology area that protects connected devices and networks. In 2019, this device will be a must in the future as it enhances the security of your personal details. Your security should be safe in any device.

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Blockchain technology

This baby is simply a dispersed database. It exists on numerous computers all at the same time. Being a constant growing new set of recordings, each block has a timestamp and links to the previous block. So, it’s called a block chain. This year, the blockchain will bring its first original applications in active use. And will be presented in many industries. This will be a fundamental part of business modernisation.

There are countless of technologies in the market, yet some are an advantage for us but are just useless. Regardless of that, the world is evolving and being modernised. Technology has taken a major place in our lives. Let’s keep a watch on what thegeniuseswillinvent. Will it be a boon or bane for humankind?