A visual guide to using Instagram to promote your blog


When you are surrounded by a lot of information, you can get confused or when you don’t know you are doing a lot of unnecessary things.

We write a blog with the witty title and revel in how we will achieve overnight success. In blogging, for starters, there is a lot of competition out there. Only on WordPress alone has over 18 million blogs. It means that just publishing your blog is not only the key to success. Of course, securing a stellar WordPress hosting package greatly help along the way as it guarantees the speed and high uptime, but there is more to success than that. You need to do a little bit more effort than that.

Why Instagram:-

For predominantly visual space Instagram is the best option. Instagram is also highly engaging and that is precisely how can increase a loyal following. On Instagram brands just like yours and users as your clients are all in the same place. Instagram has huge potential with over 1 billion monthly users, 500 million of which use the app daily.

Instagram basic are well set up:-You should have perfect knowledge about the Instagram account. There are two parts to your Instagram existence one is the profile and the second is the feed. These both are important and both have equally creative possibilities. People will follow you when your entire account looks are very important because people will see it as a whole.

  • User Name:-Name and user name are the two-part term of Instagram. The “username” is what goes after the @sign and is how people remember you and look for you. While “Name” is what shows up right under your username on your Instagram account
  • Your Feed:-There are many ways you can promote your brand on Instagram like, if your color is usually muted, don’t post a photo in full vibrant color and will make you stand out. You always have to remember to stay in hand.

Add a Bio:– in your Instagram profile bio, you make sure you write a short but accurate bio telling users who you are, what you are passionate about, and what you do on your blog.  You don’t leave it completely blank. You can add a nice call-to-action and a link to your blog or website.

Post quality and highly relevant content:-You have to work on quality and relevantly before you start adding photos and sharing cool videos on your Instagram profile. If you want to create huge traffic on your blog, and you are trying to promote your blog and your content to a specific audience, you shall start making a list of all types of Instagram posts by which you could create that’s related to your niche.

Screen-capture your latest blog posts:-A smart way to increase viewers on your latest blog post, share it with your Instagram followers is to screen capture your actual blog post by using your smartphone.

If you want to edit it before posting it there is a great ‘Layout app’ for Instagram. If you are implementing this strategy for your blog posts, you shall be adding a short description and some appropriate hashtags related to your blog post topic.

Follow other bloggers and engage with their content:- To grow your Instagram followers posting engaging and “likable” content is one great way is actively follow. ‘like and comment’ on content shared by users in your blogging niche.

Some people have had their Instagram account active for the year but they are not yet to get as little as a thousand followers.  Here is some website by which you can increase followers on your blog post on Instagram. Here is a website in my suggestion https://socialized.me/free-instagram-followers/ this will increase followers on your blog post.

Try using Themes:-You can choose a theme that is relevant to your blog, one that sets your photos apart. You can show differentiate your blog’s brand by choosing a specific style or theme that is different from what other bloggers are using. Find creative ideas on Pinterest or others and look for ways and themes to create a fresh and interesting approach.

By using video function, Give value to your followers, be a leader for your blog post and last but not least updated all changes come on Instagram, these all tips helpful to grow your blog post on Instagram. Followers are like the great content, social media is an effective way of promoting your blog, with Instagram becoming an ever more popular option by the time passing. In this article, we give you some ideas which help you promoting your blog on Instagram.