New office decor trends in 2019 and beyond

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Every business requires an office to function, whether it’s your traditional office building, home office, or even the Starbucks down the block you’ve now annexed as your new working space.

However you define your office, the trend in 2019 and beyond is to create a work environment that is more intimate, bright, and healthy. Here are a few of the most popular office decor trends you can expect to see more and more of.

Meditation Areas

Meditation is all about deep relaxation techniques to bring about increased mental awareness, to reduce anxiety, depression and tension. Breakaway areas for relaxation have become more and more commonplace in modern offices. A relaxation area allows staff to take time away from their desks to re-energize. When expending mental energy all morning, you need to recharge, and a meditation- or yoga room with soothing background music encourages one’s problem solving processes.

Private Office Space

Technology has made it that people can work from anywhere, though surveys show that many employees who have desk-bound jobs prefer to work quietly and efficiently in their own private space as opposed to co-working spaces.

Hard workers feel that for less enthusiastic workers, they’re just a chance to chat away under the guise of collaboration. They have meant many office workers looking at absenteeism as an option. If their work is computer-centered, they investigate ways of getting their work done from elsewhere. Private office space or private cubicles are big in 2019 if an office values productivity.

The Green Workplace

Bringing nature indoors is a trend which has been gaining momentum, and offices are adding more shrubbery and living walls. Nature is becoming a fundamental element of modern 2019 offices.This is because plants increase energy, they improve air quality and they soothe.

The rising popularity of biophilic design is seeing an increase in more natural elements in offices. Apart from plants, we’re seeing more natural materials such as wood being used, Beautiful stones and wood are used as opposed to stark steel, making people feel more connected with nature. They’re less depressed, more calm and more energized.

Colors and Patterns

Office colors and patterns are capable of affecting the moods of employees. Some companies use bright colors and themes in keeping with the culture and values of the organization. Single-color greys, whites and pale blues are out, and cheerful colours and interesting designs are in. Paintings, paints, attractive lighting can all help to break the bland tedium of bygone offices, and modern paints and wallpapers allow sophisticated and assured designs.

Using all Space Resources

Smaller offices are requiring us to use all space resources, even if it means taking your storage needs upwards. Tall, beautiful shelving from floor-to-ceiling is a fashionable way to decorate. High office shelves are also a practical way to keep plenty of must-have items on hand while you work. If you’ve got a small office, these storage units provide more floor space for foot traffic.

Home from Home office décor Ideas

Creating a home-away-from-home experience has become imperative to retain staff. No-one wants to leave the comforts and peace of home to face up to unfriendly staff and an unwelcome atmosphere. Since so much time is spent in the office, you want an inviting, relaxed space.

Creating areas which evoke the feeling of being at home will encourage staff to want to be in the office. Relaxing coffee areas with comfy chairs and sofas in zingy colors and patterns, bright and cheerful décor, scenic, restful artworks, printed cushions are all guaranteed to cheer up your day at the office, whether at your desk, taking a break or attending a meeting.

Renewed Focus on Ergonomics

It’s 2019, and the focus on health and well being is stronger than ever. Companies have finally realized that healthy employees means increased productivity and improved bottom line.

An ergonomic office should encourage users to take frequent breaks, be will lit, and use furniture that are proven to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms and improve posture.

To start, many companies now invest good money on proper ergonomic chairs. These chairs are far more supportive than your typical office chair. You can adjust the chair according to your comfort requirements. They support the spine, they conform to your unique body shape, they keep joints in a natural, neutral position and the chairs are customizable. They have adjustable seat- and armrests, they offer lumbar support, easy swiveling, adjustable backrest and a well-padded seat. Comfort and pleasure are at the heart of every ergonomic chair.

Another popular acquisition are standing desks, which help promote frequent standing to offset the negative effects of sitting. Good standing desks can quickly adjust their heights to transition from sitting to standing and back to sitting, a working pattern that experts say is much healthier than either just standing or sitting all day.

Wrap Up

With the above list, you can see that office design has had to undergo significant change to cater to the changing requirements of how people work today. If relaxed atmospheres is what you’re after, you’ll love the new office décor ideas for 2019 and beyond. They’re designed to lift spirits instead of encouraging staff to be planning their next day of sick leave.

Always looking for ways to improve, businesses today know that staff want their creature comforts at the office. They know that particularly with millennials, if they don’t find a harmonious, welcoming work environment, they’ll just leave. With new bright décor, we can all feel livelier and healthier going into 2019, knowing that we can keep that feeling going into 2020 and beyond.