New low cost, high impact organic search marketing solution for London-based flexible workspace providers

Co working

One of the biggest impacts of the COVID-19 virus has been on the flexible workspace market.

Up to 2019 co-working space providers were struggling to keep up with demand but now, just months later demand is expected to drop by an estimated 50% as providers struggle to protect their investments.

The advent of social distancing has heralded the work from home virtual office, turning the flexible workspace industry to very much a workspace user market.  The good news however, is that there are still individuals and companies interested in flexible office solutions, there are just fewer of them and they are a bit harder to come by.

Approximately 80% of people that are looking for flexible workspace solutions such as co-working spaces and serviced offices are conducting online research prior to selecting a provider. Whilst Google is the premier search engine of choice, Bing is increasing in popularity with a 20% market share of the desktop and laptop searches in the UK alone.

London has more than 2,500 shared office providers and is the flexible workspace capital of the world. Competition between providers was stiff even before COVID-19 but the new post-virus era has seen that escalate as those providers scramble for survival and scrutinize every marketing dollar spent.  Flexible workspace providers need to find cost-efficient ways to increase their organic search engine visibility – content marketing is one of the best and most efficient ways to achieve this.

This pressure on marketing efficiency is bound to shake up the SEO industry. A new digital marketing firm called Thrust Trust is changing the game and providing fully optimised WP sites that are already ranking on top of Bing and Yahoo for high-value co-working, serviced, and shared office-related keywords.

It’s a plug – and – play solution that increases a company’s organic search engine visibility for a competitive, high-value, and business-relevant keywords literally overnight. And it is introducing a new word in the SEO industry – guaranteed. Flexible workspace providers that lease Thrust Trust’s WP sites only pay for Page 1 ranking websites. Should a page lose its first page rankings, there is no charge.

This makes it an entirely risk-free, 100% performance-based engagement. There is also no deposit, or any other upfront fee required. You only pay for results.

The top-ranking WP sites on offer are fully customisable, allowing co-working, shared or serviced office providers to add their logo, design, and content. And for those companies that are too busy to manage these pages, Thrust Trust also offers add-on services such as graphic design and content development that will help their clients to get the most out of their websites. As well as the guaranteed no-gain, no-pain, entrepreneur-friendly contract that the company offers it is also disrupting the market with cost-leadership rates. Thrust Trust provides Page 1 organic search engine visibility for just £180/month per website.

Out of the COVID-19 cloud at least some silver lining is apparent – the dawn of on-demand, performance-based, low cost, high impact search marketing solutions.