New fintech Payrow helps small and medium-sized businesses optimise costs

Payrow, a new British fintech, has announced the rollout of services that support entrepreneurs and help them build their freelance and businesses by providing access to relevant, affordable, and paperless global money-management tools.


business mission is to increase the number of entrepreneurs in the UK and enable startups to develop with minimal barriers. Entrepreneurs in Britain have a lot on their hands, including enormous amounts of routine accounting work, invoicing and paying bills, payrolls, accounting and tax reporting, refunds of purchases, and much more.

Not only are these processes long and difficult, they are also expensive, with specialists such as accountants and lawyers charging a pretty penny for their services. These costs are an especially heavy burden for small businesses and freelancers, as well as for new companies that are just entering the market. Payrow has made it its mission to solve these problems.

Payrow is helping its clients automate their business and accounting processes with the following services:

— Paperless statements

Clients get detailed information on payments and can download data for selected periods in a convenient format.

— Remote account opening

Clients can complete KYC and KYB processes online in one day. No need to show up in person — Payrow offers a hassle-free account opening service wherever you are.

— Invoicing service

Payrow simplifies the invoicing process for business. Customers can create invoices and send them to clients directly from their Payrow accounts.

— Spending control

Payrow allows you to save time and avoid mistakes with automated accounting and management services.

— Local and international transfers

Make Eurozone and international money transfers in two clicks.

—  Support for businesses with complex ownership structures

Traditional banks and fintech firms tend to be reluctant to work with companies with complex ownership structures. Even when they do work with these companies, on the client side, you will often experience very long waiting periods and mountains of paperwork. Leveraging its strong market experience, Payrow is ready to onboard these kinds of businesses. With a team of experts specialising in dealing with such businesses and strong KYC processes, Payrow can efficiently upload the required number of beneficiaries during business registration and easily offer all the necessary banking services from day one.

— Advanced security for all transactions

Once instituted, Payrow offers full protections of funds and transactions thanks to the most up to date security measures.

— No hidden fees

Payrow guarantees transparent pricing and no hidden fees on international payments.

— 24/7 customer support

Payrow offers 24/7 support so you never end up stuck in a bad situation with no way to fix it, regardless of what time it is or where you are.

The above features constitute just some of the features that distinguish Payrow from other services and make it the perfect fit for building your business. Payrow helps clients build their businesses and improve financial performance. The platform offers convenient functionality for freelancers, retail companies, HoReCa, e-commerce specialists, and more. Payrow’s optimised financial workflows provide support at every stage of the business cycle.