Natural and Organic Skin Care

EU law currently bans over 1300 chemicals previously used in cosmetic products, now either known or suspected to cause cancer, reproductive harm, or mutations (Campaign for Safe Cosmetics).

From skin irritation to allergies and worse, the continued growth in awareness of the side effects of chemicals on the skin is fuelling the exponential growth of the natural and organic skin care products market.

Valued at USD 10.84 billion in 2019 (Grand View Research), the natural skin and hair care market was forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5 per cent from 2020 to 2027. Still a relative drop in the ocean of the global skincare market, which is estimated to hit USD 155.8 billion in 2021 (Statista), natural skin and haircare company, VATÉA, is playing its part in accelerating the turn of the tide.

Founded in Australia in 2016, the eco-luxe skincare brand’s key ingredients: moringa, tamanu and aloe vera, have been used for centuries to beautify and cure the skin of irritation.

Moringa seed oil wards off free radicals and keeps hair clean and healthy. It also aids in the protection of skin cells from damage due to it containing protein. Plus, its hydrating and detoxifying attributes help to boost skin and hair.

Pressed from the nuts of tropical trees, tamanu oil originates in Polynesia. A 2015 study confirmed the oil’s wound healing and antibiotic properties. With the oil having been used in the treatment of scars in hospitals.

The most famed of the three key ingredients used in this natural and organic skin care product would have to be aloe vera, and though its taste may split opinion when consumed as a drink, the short-stemmed medicinal plant has been used for thousands of years. Its gel contains powerful antioxidants and is known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties.

“I only use products free of parabens, sulphates and preferably certified organic as I find these are far gentler on the skin, less irritating and less likely to cause negative long-term impact on my skin and the environments,” says Liz Johnston, VATÉA Founder and Director.

“I’m proud to be part of the movement [that has] challenged the larger multinationals into creating natural and organic skin care that’s safer, not full of toxins and at the expense of their customer.

“Further, I’m extremely proud when a customer leaves a review that not only mentions the effectiveness of our shampoo, yet the greater benefits to their life,” she continued.

The company’s best-selling sulphate free shampoo, called Kind Shampoo, was awarded the Organic Beauty Award Editor’s Choice Award. In addition, its range of body washes, oils, lotions and moisturisers and more, continue to garner plaudits and rave reviews from fans across the globe.

Here’s what one fan had to say:

“Shampoo and conditioner are lovely and leave your hair hydrated without any heavy residue. The Body Wash lathers really well and cleans without feeling like you just lost your top layer. And the moisturiser – I absolutely love it!”