Must Follow Best Tech Sites in 2021


Technology is advancing so rapidly that staying at the technological forefront has become a top priority in the modern-day world.

Probably the best testament to that is one of the most life-changing innovation of the tech industry which rarely ever leaves your side—the smartphone. Luckily, this convenient gadget makes staying up to date with all the freshest tech news easier than ever.

To go a step further, we saved you the hassle of scrolling through various tech news pages by compiling a list of the top 10 tech sites that will always keep you in the loop.


Taking first place in the world of tech online newspapers is TechCrunch. With a special focus on high profile tech startup companies, TechCrunch entertains an audience of over 12 million visitors a month. Out of which over 50.000 tech enthusiasts are regularly analyzing the latest trends and opening the conversation to tech talk.

TechCrunch’s most notable section that manages to crunch down its competitors, is the Crunchbase ecosystem, made up of investors, speculators, entrepreneurs, market researchers, and salespeople. All looking for the best business opportunities in the fast-paced world of technology. This platform provides valuable information and insights on companies in the early stages all the way up to the Fortune 1000. Check out the latest news here.


Wishing you a warm welcome from the future is tech site Gizmodo. Taking on a more laid-back approach to delivering the latest gadget, gaming, science, and all over tech-related news, Gizmodo manages to catch the eye of a diverse group of visitors. Especially those who are into all the emerging gadgets and gizmos.

Their comprehensive range of coverage on various subjects and trends from around the world has led them to become one of the top multilingual tech sites available on the market. Allowing you to keep track of the just out news in 9 of the most requested languages. Take a look at their news coverage here.


Originating from a household staple magazine, in third place is one of the most popular tech news media sites, Wired. Covering topics across some of the most sought-out categories by a broad range of guests, Wired continuously shares click-worthy content.

Wired is actively engaged in presenting how technological advances impact everyday lives as well as general culture, events, politics, and much more. With more than 800.000 active subscribers, Wired continues to grow its community by allowing readers to purchase the magazine online or on newsstands. Check out their news here.


Engadget shines a light on the importance of humans and technology working together to create a better future, therefore it holds a solid fourth place on our list of top tech news sites. Since 2004, Engadget has helped thousands of visitors form a standpoint with respect to upcoming and existing technological developments.

Engadget helps and supports its audience by creating a strong foundation for users’ purchasing decisions and even provides guides to the various gadgets and electronics. This, in turn, forms a trustworthy relationship between Engadget and its guests.  Have a look at their news here.


Rapidly growing online tech news provider, Bright Side of News, holds a strong 5th position on our list. Privy to the accelerated rate of new tech innovations, BSN makes sure to deliver the most up to date news so that their visitors are never out of the loop. Be it current information about electric cars, or the most recent streaming trends, BSN will have you covered.

Bright Side of News is constantly on the lookout for informative and influential announcements that will give you a head start in the world of tech. Their strong combination of relevant topics makes them a powerful source for the most current tech scoop. On top of that, their well-organized platform makes navigation through their news categories a smooth-running process. Check out their Tech News category.


This tech site didn’t end up on the verge of our list, but rather in the middle of it, just breaking the halfway point. ‘Vox Media’ owned news publisher, The Verge manages to catch the attention of a massive mainstream audience. They spark the interest of a vast crowd by supplying them with in-depth examinations of how every move in technology can have an impact on daily functioning.

If you’re looking to invest in the latest tech product you might want to take a gander at The Verge’s reviews category. Their reputation has made The Verge’s influence just as strong as their market reach. As a result, many turn to The Verge as a reliable source of information. You can see what’s going on in the tech world today here.


Computer Network, or Cnet for short, is a curation of tech product reviews, news, prices, videos, forums, how-to articles, smart homes, and much more. Nevertheless, they put a great emphasis on technology and its importance in this fast-changing and developing world, which is why they deserve to have a place on this list.

Accessibility to the present-day news is made easy with a drop menu that allows you to specify your search. Cnet doesn’t hold back when it comes to providing their site guests with top-grade reviews and reports. Wondering what the biggest story in the tech industry is today? Check it out for yourself here.


Staying true to their name, Digitaltrends responds to the latest tech news and digital trends in a matter of minutes. If you’re thinking of purchasing anything from a soundbar to a fitness tracker, its reputable reviews section can help form an informative verdict toward the product of interest.

Apart from their reviews, Digitaltrends also covers more than 20 tech-related news categories, scouts out the best tech deals, supplies their audiencewith buying guides and offers an area where you can directly download a vast number of programs and platforms. This is one of the main reasons why Digitaltrends is developing so expeditiously. See what digitaltrends has to offer here.


Smartmobs is becoming an increasingly popular tech news resource that will have you glued to your screen in a matter of seconds. Paving its way to the top, Smartmobs accommodates its content to tech enthusiasts as well as tech newbies.

Smartmobs is aware that every daily occurrence related to technology influences reality. This is why one of their top priorities is sending out information on an ongoing basis, so there is no need to worry about missing a beat in the atmosphere of technology. Above and beyond their business updates, Smartmobs also gives a great insight into technology inside (software) and out (hardware), which helps their visitors make the most of all the technological advancements. Check out their Tech News category here.


This publication site highlights the importance of new technology and its impact on worldwide business and culture. Since 2006, TheNextWeb has been developing a strong platform filled with tech news, events, business, and more. Everything you need to know about the tech world at the moment can be brought to you by TNW.

What makes TNW stand out from the crowd, is the role they play as a tech “matchmaker.” Their specialty programs and conferences work with corporations, governments, start-ups, and investors. Depending on your needs TNW has the ability to set-up highly valued tech connections.  If you’re looking for a link to top tech devotees or need a dose of tech news, check out TNW here.