Mom’s Guide to Safe, Organic Baby Formula

It’s no secret that the best option for a baby is to receive breast milk for the first 4-6 months, which will fully meet all the needs of the baby in vitamins and nutrients.

This is definitely the best option for healthy growth and development of a little one. Of course, there are situations when breastfeeding becomes simply impossible for a number of reasons, or parents want to alternate breast milk with an infant formula. Today, baby formulas have a huge variety on the market, as they differ in quality and their properties as well as pricing policy. Therefore, parents are often faced with the choice of which of these formulas will be most suitable for their loved ones and how to provide them with nutritious food. So let’s consider how not to make mistakes while choosing the best baby formula for your baby.

Why organic baby formula?

When choosing a formula for your baby, first of all avoid non-organic ones. This will be the first step to making the right choice, because it will not be as useful as organic, and, moreover, can harm your child. Among the dangerous ingredients you can find antibiotics, growth hormones, milk with pesticides and GMOs, as well as other harmful chemicals. The peculiarity of organic formulas is that their producers do not use these elements in the composition of this milk.

Moreover, certified organic baby formulas are of high quality, which indicates the purity and usefulness of this product. It is also recommended to choose European organic baby formulas. They are considered one of the best because they do not contain artificial sweeteners, dyes, GMOs or other chemical substances. Among the most popular and proven European baby formulas are Kendamil formula, Holle goat formula, HiPP formula and others. In fact, the variety is huge and it will be useful to consider all possible options of organic baby formulas. This can be done on, where you can see information about any of the formulas and their estimates from real parents.

Different types of baby formula

Of course, there are a variety of baby formulas that satisfy many features of the sensitive child’s body. Let’s start with the most common infant formula based on cow’s milk. Most children are very receptive to it, otherwise it should be replaced with one based on goat’s milk.

This formula is great for children who have a sensitive tummy, require more delicate milk and are intolerant to cow’s milk. Parents can also find specially designed baby formulas for babies who suffer from spitting and vomiting. This is usually a formula that is suitable for children from birth and is able to deal with this problem.

Another type of baby formula is the hypoallergenic one, which is usually made from cow’s milk. But its feature is broken proteins as they are easy to digest. Also for children who are allergic to cow’s milk, the alternative is soy-based formula. It is recommended for use only from 6 months, but many parents avoid using it because of its high levels of phytoestrogen that can definitely bring certain negative consequences to the child’s health. So be sure that if breastfeeding is impossible, you can definitely find the formula that will be perfect for your baby.

How to choose the best baby formula

First of all, parents should be confident in the good quality of the baby formula they choose for their baby. As mentioned above, organic baby formula will be a good option for feeding your baby and one of the safest, as it does not contain chemicals that can adversely affect the health of your loved one.

Certified brands of European baby formulas also indicate their high quality, as there is serious control over the conditions of production and storage of these formulas. Next step, choose the formula that will suit your child according to age and body characteristics. Choose a formula that will fully meet the needs of the child and will enrich it with nutrients and promote healthy growth and development.

Pay close attention to the amount of protein and carbohydrates in the baby formula so that the child feels full and easily digests and absorbs food. If you need a formula for specific considerations do not forget to consult a doctor who will help you make the right choice based on knowledge and experience. So choose carefully and be healthy.