Mobile gambling set to grow in 2020

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Gambling was on the Internet as soon as it came to life, or so it would seem. In 1994, Antigua and Barbuda gave licences for such websites, and the game was on.

Today, the online casino industry is booming and it feels like its reinventing itself constantly. Where is the industry going and is mobile gambling its future?

The Evolution of Mobile Gambling

If you went back in time and told one of the owners of the first Las Vegas casinos, that one day people would be able to play slot machines on their phone, they certainly would have laughed at you. And if you had insisted, you might have been buried in the desert around the city with other undesired individuals. But it has become natural to do so today, and at this point time, it’s nothing new.

In the beginning, the casino games you could play had very basic visuals, and you had to enter your wager using the arrow keys on your keypad. Today, the mobile casino games at Betiton or famous online casino are simply state of the art. But it was the start. We could say that the dice were thrown, and it expanded extremely fast. Today, the biggest names in the creation of casino games are transferring old titles to mobile versions and creating new ones all the time.

Customers Go Mobile

In Europe, the tendency recorded is that mobile are taking over more and more of online betting. In 2017, 39% of gamblers used a phone. A year later it was already up by 4%. It is also taking a bigger share of the amounts gambled online, with spending reaching over 22 billion GGR in gambling. The largest market is still the UK. With its 34.2%, it accounted for the largest portion of the total EU online gambling market, with a market value of €7.3 billion GGR. Read more on the Gambling comission mobile news.

The Next Step for the Mobile Gambling Industry

There is no doubt that the next step for the mobile gambling industry is the creation of mobile apps which will facilitate gambling on a phone. Many of the largest online casinos have already taking on mobile gambling and came up with an app that their clients can download to play on their phone.

Mobile gambling can certainly expect to see many years of growth ahead, as more and more people prefer to use their mobile to laptops and PCs, whether they are at home or on the road. That is why innovations in the industry are bound to be led by this sector more than any other.