Mobile apps to make you more productive

As our lives get busier, it can be challenging to manage time and get everything done. No matter how many items we tick off our to-do lists, there’s always more stuff to get done.

Fortunately, there are many tools and techniques that are available to help us get more done. Included in this are many mobile apps.

In just a decade, mobile apps have changed the way we do just about everything online. We can send emails on the go, manage our finances, and enjoy games like poker from our phones. Apps have also changed the way we can boost our productivity.

Take advantage of this and use these helpful apps that can help you get more done.

Microsoft To Do

Humans have written their tasks down for hundreds of years. The humble to-do list has been a staple of productivity management, and for a good reason. It gives us a place to store the tasks that we need to complete, and a way to keep track of what we have done (or not).

An excellent digital to-do list was an app called Wunderlist. In fact, it was so good that Microsoft bought it and had the team build a new version called Microsoft To-Do. This new version is almost identical to Wunderlist and has many of its great features.

You can access it from your computer or via a mobile app, assign dates to tasks, set reminders, share lists with friends, relatives, or colleagues, and add links, notes, and sub-tasks.


If you want to go further than a to-do list, then Trello is your answer. It’s a versatile project management tool to help build mobile applications that lets you deal with tasks visually and collaboratively. Instead of creating lists, Trello gives you boards. You then move jobs around the board, depending on their status. To each task (which Trello calls cards), you can attach files, discuss with collaborators, create sub-tasks, and all of the other features of Microsoft To-Do.

Trello is the next level of task management, giving you much more control over what goes on. It has a web version as well as apps for iOS and Android so that you can manage your tasks on the go.


Sometimes the best way to improve your productivity is to see how you’re spending your money. There are many tools available to do this, but Toggl is the top option. It has a website, browser extensions, and mobile apps, all of which allow you to track your time and assign it to projects.

You can create projects and assign them to different clients, which is helpful if you are a freelancer. You can then see where you are spending most of your time, or even produce reports to send to your clients.

There are endless ways in which you can manage your time and improve your productivity. A fundamental way to be more productive is to ensure that you prioritize your tasks, and all of the tools described above will allow you to do this. Microsoft To-Do and Trello both will enable you to manage your workload, but Toggl will also let you review how you allocate your time across your tasks. In doing so, it can help you make the right decisions to improve your productivity.