Missing the (Loyalty) Point: What to do if Your Customer Rewards Scheme Isn’t Bearing Fruit

Keeping your customers happy so they return to your brand is something every company seeks to achieve.

Both big and small businesses use various ways to retain their customers and one tool they use is loyalty programs. However, not all reward schemes are a success and finding out why is crucial to gaining those returning customers. Here is what to do if your customer rewards scheme isn’t bearing fruit.

Reduce Sign-Up Time

Many potential customers can be put off by the time it takes to sign up for a customer loyalty program. The quickest sign-ups usually just require an email address which most people will be happy to do.

However, if you ask too many questions when signing up, then customers are likely to click away. The less information that you require the more chance you have of getting members to your loyalty scheme.

Make The Rewards Easier to Attain

There are many loyalty schemes out there and every one of them offers some type of reward to their customers. However, if those rewards are hard to get or take a long time, then this can easily put off customers.

Think about how long it takes to get a reward on your loyalty scheme and if the rewards are worth the effort. When you get the ratio right you will see more engagement.

Consider Mobile Loyalty Apps

Mobile loyalty apps are becoming more popular because they are so easy to set up and use for the customer.

Most of the data to complete the app sign-up process comes from the mobile phone so customers aren’t required to fill in a lengthy form.

Another advantage of these apps is the data that they can collect for you. It will tell you what your customers are looking at on the app, how many offers they use and can even give you a shopping pattern if you link your online store.

This is why many of the big retail companies now use apps like these.

Spread the Word

Does your loyalty scheme get enough exposure to your customer base? The reason why it might not be successful could be that not many of your customers know about it.

If your company has an online presence on social media, then try promoting it there and offering a reward if people sign up.

You can also try paid advertising to promote it for a short while until more people know about the scheme.

Before you take this route, check your loyalty scheme to see if it is something people will sign up for and use often otherwise it could be a waste of money.


So, if your customer rewards scheme isn’t bearing fruit – don’t panic! Use this as an opportunity to innovate and adapt to make your scheme more attractive.

Loyalty schemes are still a valuable part of the retail experience. People love to get a bargain and if they can do so while shopping for the things they love then all the better. You need to see what your customers want and how you can get it to them with minimal hassle on their part.