Microsoft Dynamics 365: An excellent user friendly cloud services to work

Microsoft 365

Tech giant and IT leader Microsoft have recently launched a new cloud-based service which can alter the way previous version of Dynamics CRM online into applications.

Microsoft is in its press release has pointed out the applications that the current Microsoft dynamics edition will work with earlier dynamics CRM  and Dynamics AX which will enable the CRM system to work effectively.

 What are the new addition of features are included in Microsoft dynamics 365

Microsoft collaborates with Dynamics CRM and ERP solution that does combine well for managing the need of products offering. The use dynamics of 365 apps are sales and marketing, customer support services, project automation, financial and work operations. Along with this there are two more apps like power apps and Flow which are introduced in dynamics 365 for the first time. User-friendly and customized dynamics solution is rendered by this recommended feature of dynamics 365. Power apps have been user-friendly and provide a codeless approach to mobile apps and give the user a chance to engage with great features. On the other hand, Flow is known for a workflow engine that mostly works across all available dynamics apps.

 How much dynamics 365 cost

Well, pricing of the Microsoft dynamics 365is unfortunately on the higher side. For estimated price list there are two editions and both for different bundling, upgrade and promotion offerings. The cost for Microsoft dynamics 365 business edition will cost about $40 and for dynamics 365 enterprise edition the prices are $ 115 for per user per month. It comes with and covers up sales, marketing, customer’s service, etc.

 Does dynamic 365 is the same as office 365?

Yes, dynamics 365 is the same way to do a rebranding, integration with office 365. The great thing about office 365 is that it is a new outlook integration which is having incredible features and also eases of office outlook system. Many exciting apps which are featured in apps source does provide evaluation, purchase an extension of what you commonly associated with apple apps store or Google Play. This is the best way you can find and work with installing extension features.

 What are the benefits users can get from the recommended dynamics 365?

Microsoft dynamics 365 is completely an excellent base integrated system which has some of the advanced and new addition of features keep the user interested.  Working with dynamics 365 provides rebranding, renovate and most importantly integrate with all office 365 editions. Adding new features and improvements are both one of the main highlights of the latest edition Microsoft dynamics 365   for the users. Those who are waited long for this can feel satisfied with announcement of this   Microsoft dynamics 365.


The latest features and application of Microsoft dynamics 365 has some of the best user-friendly features to appreciate. A lot of excitement is buzzing around after the latest launch of dynamics 365 from Microsoft. These features are not just the features but also these are having the capabilities to ensure in future there will no complaints from end users.

Photo by Johny vino on Unsplash