Michael Heller’s Talent Resources Takes Top-Level Marketing Into the Digital Age

According to the latest statistics, more than half of the worldwide population uses social media each and every day.

With such a wide reaching audience inherently built-in on mega-popular apps like Instagram and TikTok, social media has turned into the unparalleled opportunity for companies to run targeted advertising campaigns, that they must either take advantage of or be left behind in the dust. Bolstered by years of experience in the industry, Michael Heller’s renowned agency Talent Resources has adapted to the times with ease, emerging as the premier source of social media marketing for brands across the United States and beyond.

Originally founded at the genesis of the social networking craze in 2007, New York-based Talent Resources managed to quickly navigate the new digital world thanks to its adept knowledge of trends and insider connections with top celebrities and influencers. Building the company on a firm foundation of passion and expertise, Talent Resources rapidly established itself as the go-to agency for social and digital marketing across the world, helping countless brands grow their consumer base to new heights.

“We have a proven track record with our 360-degree amplification plans,” said Talent Resources’ founder Michael Heller. “Varying from case to case, we examine the brand from a holistic level and identify all opportunities that will yield significant ROI from what platform works best to which influencer or celebrity would really resonate with the brand, its audience and vice versa.”

Utilizing state of the art metric analyses and advanced technology, the agency ensures it is targeting the precisely desired audience to yield the most significant results possible. Likewise, Talent Resources offers adjustable marketing programs that can be tweaked over the course of the three month minimum contracts to any unforeseen budgetary circumstances or shifts in a given market. With such flexibility, Talent Resources commits to offering its clientele the most comprehensive and effective campaigns available in modern day.

These tried and true methods have delivered exceptional outcomes for Talent Resources’ long list of big-time clients, with more and more signing on to enjoy the agency’s game-changing results. For retail shoe behemoth Payless, Talent Resources generated a major 12.7 million impressions for the company and its first brick-and-mortar grand opening under new leadership in Miami, upping the brand’s awareness to an unparalleled level. In yet another industry touched by the agency, lifestyle brand client TeaMi benefitted from a massive boost in awareness after Talent Resources tapped mega-followed stars like Kylie Jenner and Ashley Benson to promote the brand to the tune of 14 million impressions, resulting in a massive uptick in public knowledge about TeaMi and the followers to match.

Providing gold-standard service and care to its patrons and tapping into its extensive network of celebrities, Talent Resources has created an irreplicable reputation in the industry for masterminding the most impactful marketing campaigns in the digital age. As social media platforms are likely to keep growing exponentially in the near future, Talent Resources is undoubtedly set to have a strong stake in the industry for years to come.