Maximising production capacity in a rapidly changing world

CNC machine

As owners and managers across the UK navigate a rapidly changing business landscape, one online production platform is adding capacity and diversifying its global network to benefit its customers and produce products vital to the fight against COVID-19.

3D Hubs enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and start-ups to upload their design, instantly receive a quote and start production of their product or prototype via the company’s global network of manufacturing partners.

This production platform is invaluable for businesses operating in an increasingly online and remote working environment, and it’s also being harnessed for the rapid development and production of equipment used by front line workers.

Connecting Initiatives with Production Capacity to Fight COVID-19

3D Hubs are utilising their vast manufacturing network to support hospitals and medical facilities across the globe through the provision of vital medical and personal protective equipment. The COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund connects grassroots and not-for-profit initiatives who are designing parts for COVID-19 related projects with the funds, expertise and the global manufacturing network they need to rapidly produce these parts.

To date, the fund has enabled the provision of thousands of 3D printed protective face shields for UK organisations including Marie Curie Hospital in Edinburgh, Basingstoke Hospital in North Hampshire and Kent and Midway HNS in East Sussex, plus other hospitals across the globe.

Ensuring Continuity in Challenging Times

Over 35,000 businesses globally already benefit from 3D Hubs Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining, 3D Printing and plastic injection moulding services. The ability for rapid CNC prototyping ensures the most stringent product requirements are met whilst working with a range of machining services and materials. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, 3D Hubs has diversified its global network and also added capacity in multiple regions to ensure continuity of prototyping and manufacturing supply chains for its customers. This means businesses can continue to benefit from 3D Hubs prompt lead times for rapid CNC machining including 5, 10 and 20 day options.

Connecting Businesses with Rapid Manufacturing Solutions

It’s very much full steam ahead for the 3D Hubs team who, whilst safely working from home, stay connected with their 250 manufacturing partners who have production facilities in over 140 countries. This network ensures 3D Hubs are well placed to find businesses the most competitive prototyping and manufacturing solutions. In an environment where the current lockdown is becoming a new normal for professionals, 3D Hubs are maximising the capacity of their development and supply chains to rapidly produce products and prototypes to benefit business owners and managers, as well as hospitals, health care workers and the wider community.