Matched betting – Earn money from home

In the digital age there are many ways to make money from home. As long as you have an  internet connection and an internet connected device, you can earn money online.

When people think of earning money online, they either think of midlessley filling out hundreds of surveys or selling things, for example on eBay. What people rarely think of is matched betting. Matched betting is in fact recognised as the most effective way of earning money online.

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting works by taking advantage of the free bet offers and promotions that are offered by bookmakers. It’s a completely legal, it’s tax free (gambling winnings aren’t taxed in the UK), and if you follow the instructions, it’s a very easy way to make money.

At this point, most people are put off by the fact that it sounds like a gambling system. The reality is that it isn’t actually gambling. You are required to sign up to bookmaker websites and place bets, but at no point will you be gambling. Gambling infers an element of chance, an unpredictable or uncertain outcome. When doing matched betting, you actually take both sides of the market, so the outcome of the sporting event is completely irrelevant.

As long as you have followed the instructions closely, you will always make a profit. You bet both for and against a certain outcome; for example, by betting on both heads and tails of the same coin toss.

In order to take both sides of the market, you need to place a bet at a betting exchange (as well as the initial bet with a bookmaker). A betting exchange allows you to place a lay bet. This is where you bet against an outcome happening. For example, for a team not to win. The team can either win, lose or draw. If you place a bet at the bookmaker for them to win, if they do win that bet will win. But then if you place an equal but opposite bet at the betting exchange for them not to win, if they lose or draw, that bet will win.

That’s all well and good, but in reality it just means that the bets will cancel each other out. That is unless you are utilising the free bet amount that the bookmaker has given you, and when you do this you make an actual profit.

There are over 70 bookmakers in the UK. Each one has a very similar product. They have very similar odds on the same teams/matches/competitions. The only differentiating factors between bookmakers is the colour of their website, the sports team they sponsor [] – and the marketing they do. The most effective form of marketing that a bookmaker can do is to give out a free bet amount in order to entice you, the customer, to place a bet with them. Its essentially like a test-drive when you want to buy a new car. Come and try our service, and have £10 free bet on us in order to have a play around.

Using matched betting, you can take advantage of these free bets in order to make real money. The matched betting process can be repeated on all bookmakers and is also applicable to recurring offers, not just the initial sign ups.

Sounds Good, What Next?

The best way of learning is by doing.

Profit Accumulator have a completely free guide that walks you through how to make your first two offers. Follow these step-by-step video guides and you will earn up to £45 profit. Once you have done these offers, it will ‘click’ and you won’t look back.

The free trial is completely free with no obligation to purchase. Be aware though that in order to do matched betting, you will require some spare money in order to cover your exposure to the lay bets. This is money that you will never lose, and at any time you can withdraw.

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