Making your business grow the Russell Ruffino Way

Every budding entrepreneur, manager, and business owner wants to know one thing: How can I make my business grow?

A quick search on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines reveals way too much information. The problem is too many self-styled management gurus focus on what businesses should be doing as opposed to what they shouldn’t be doing!

At first glance, many of us believe that it’s more important to understand what our business should be doing correctly rather than what it shouldn’t be doing. Business owners typically want to shake things up to ensure that their company is managed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

There are several core functions of management in every organization: P-O-L-C. This acronym is short for Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. Various management experts swear by this paradigm, and marry these management functions with the right leadership style to achieve the desired business objectives. Anyone with a business has advice to offer, but not all of that advice should be taken to heart.

New business owners are often intimidated by the glut of information in bookstores, management forums, and search engines. It’s a confusing morass of data which simply overwhelms the senses and does little to improve business functionality.

The literature on this topic is immense, and spans millions of search results. Most of us in the business world don’t have the desire, or the time to sift through all of this information. Besides, which information sources can be trusted? Everyone wants to promote their golden nuggets of information to everyone else, but it’s never a one size fits all strategy, or is it? These types of dilemmas warrant out-of-the-box thinking. That’s where management expert Russell Ruffino comes into the picture!

Who is Russell Ruffino, and Why Do His Opinions Matter?

Russell Ruffino is the founder’s and chief executive officer of a top 500 company named Clients on Demand. This firm provides prospective clients with ironclad advice on how to build a business by doing things right.

They are also listed in Inc 500 as one of the most successful US companies. Russell Ruffino’s approach to business growth is entrenched in new-age management doctrine. That he has earned himself a reputation as a master of business management is no mean feat.

In short, he focuses much of his attention on what businesses ought not to be doing.

By learning from the mistakes of others, Ruffino posits that a business can fast-track its way to success. Simply avoiding the mistakes that others make – and they can be costly – goes a long way towards securing a pathway to prosperity.

One of his specialty areas is choosing the right clients and catering to them accordingly. For Ruffino, demographics are important. Businesses must ensure that they are working with the right clients and sending them the right marketing messages.

It’s foolhardy to use a shotgun-style approach to all of a company’s marketing activities. For example, a plumber is best served by marketing to people looking for plumbing services and not facelifts. In much the same way, an effective strategy needs to be built to ensure that clients are satisfied with the services they are receiving.

His approach stresses the importance of a tight fit between what clients are looking for and what the company is offering. This is how profit maximization and strategic goals can be attained. Ruffino is all about getting things done, and his ‘shake things up’ approach certainly pays dividends.