Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Imagine: you cook, clean, shop, or just sleep comfortably in your bed, and money is dripping into your account. Do you think it’s all a dream? What if we tell you it’s real with affiliate marketing?

This type of marketing is a practical way to earn money on the Internet. This kind of earning has become a stable additional source of income for many, from entrepreneurs to bloggers. If you already work with affiliate type of marketing or just know a lot about it, then we advise you to read more detailed information following the link: How much do affiliate marketers make

After such words, you probably want to find out more and understand how to make money with such affiliate marketing. However, you don’t know where to go and where to start your path, right? If you believe a Google search engine, the money here is made incredibly easy and with little effort, but that’s not the case! In reality, as is usually the case, things are much more complicated.

Surely, affiliate marketing can help you make money and raise your capital. Dare we say it, a ton of money. We think this is the dream of many people because a passive income will make life much easier. Well, affiliate marketing is able to provide you with such a good life, but first, it is necessary to work hard. And in this article, we have prepared a ready-made plan for action.

Affiliate Marketing: What Is It?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing helps to promote a service, content, product, site, or business where the affiliate receives a percentage or payment for each successful sale. This method of making money on the Internet is not limited to one person, a specialized company or group of people can act as an affiliate.

Let’s break down who is involved in an affiliate marketing system?

  1. It all starts with the seller of the product or service. This could be a company or a brand. This party owns the product directly.
  2. The partner, so-called affiliate – his task is to induce a person (customer) to buy the seller’s product. Typically, Instagram opinion leaders, YouTube bloggers, or affiliate marketing companies can act in this role.
  3. The customers or clients: here everything should be very clear because the name says it all. Customers are the final element in the affiliate marketing process because they buy the product, which is constantly promoted by the affiliate.

What Affiliate Marketing Options Are Available?

The most known and, probably, the most common option of implementing this type of marketing is a usage of a referral link. How does it work? This is a special link that leads the user to another site (mostly the website of the seller). This link is placed by the affiliate (blogger, advertiser) on a personal blog or another platform. If the client finds the information useful and clicks on this link, it leads the client to the page with the purchase option. Once the product is bought, the affiliate receives a commission from this purchase.

The next option is not that popular but is still in use. What is it about? For instance, the blogger (affiliate) can ask his audience to do some action on the merchant’s website (to register, fill out a form, or leave a phone number and email address). As a rule, customers are given a special link, which can be used only once and leads to an affiliate product or service.

It Is All About Making Money

It’s time to talk about the revenue that can be earned this way. The amount of money earned this way highly depends on the deal between the affiliate and the seller and the affiliate program itself. More frequently, affiliate marketing specialists are paid a percentage of sales, while other sellers prefer to pay a fixed amount for each successful deal with the customer.

How can you track a conversion rate (number of successful transactions)? There are several recommendations to do so:

  • unique links (we have discussed them above). These links are made of unique codes, which helps to track where the customer came from;
  • special code/word, which should be stated before purchase. This code or word is tied to a specific affiliate partner.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Make interesting content, write relevant information for your followers.
  2. Try to steadily promote products, using your content. Choose topics that are close to the people looking for a solution to a problem. You should make them think that the solution is the product you advertise.
  3. Turn your followers into customers. That is where you start to capitalize your blog from your audience.
  4. Make analysis to optimize the rate of conversion. Do you know the “80/20” rule? Interestingly enough, it’s quite applicable here as well and suggests that 80% of your profits are generated by 20% of your content.
  5. Increase your mailing list affiliate revenue. No matter what you think, email marketing is still one of the most effective tools for generating passive income.