5 things every business leader should know about eSports


It is up to you what you desire to call it, either eSports or professional video gaming, but what is necessary is to consider it as an industry and a business.

When you are talking about eSports there is just one thing to remember and that is eSports is a gigantic business and if you have any product or service that has anything to do with the demographics eSports supports than trust us it can be a good platform to reach out to multiple audience at same time.

The www.betting24.dk urges that if being a business leader you wish to penetrate in the world of eSports than all you need to do is understand how to engage the hyperactive and phenomenally social millennial fan base.

Don’t Underestimate the Gamers

Never approach to eSports community as an undercover advertiser and try to use them for your own purpose. They are smart enough to know it and disapprove of you. Hence, instead of directly using them for blatant advertisements, try to come up with creative ways to approach them and be part of their true world. Bring in some value that can help in enhancing their gaming experience. This will help your brand and business to adjust to the culture and lingo eSports community has.

Believe in their Faith

There was a time when gaming as a hobby was analyzed as a waste of time. Even the WHO planned to add ‘gaming disorder’ in their mental health condition list. But things have changed and time has already proven that gaming is neither a mental condition nor a waste of precious time. It is a million-dollar industry with high potential. Today, there are many universities who are offering scholarships to video gamers.

Don’t Disparage the Power of Media in eSports

In many countries, there are several media houses that have dedicated eSports channels running different programs, talk shows, debates and even documentaries 24/7. They are licensed channels that legally cover all the eSports events live. Therefore, as a business leader, you need to focus on the media channels too for your business marketing.

Take them Seriously

Gamers take themselves seriously as a real-time athlete and you should too. Just like real athletes, they also train themselves day and night for events and competitions. Just like gaming athletes they too earn in millions as a prize. Therefore, never disrespect them and take them thoughtfully.

Respect their Community

The gaming community is really big, there are billions of people who belong in there. Some are playing video games while millions are watching them through live streaming or on YouTube. If you want to penetrate the world of eSports then it is crucial to respect the community they belong to.


There are numerous opportunities to make money in eSports but it is vital to understand the community of gamers, their passion and commitment towards the industry. If you cannot understand and appreciate them than eSports is not what you are looking for.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash