Luxury Fashion Brands Gaining Popularity Amongst Young Brits

rolex watch

Luxury fashion has always had a place in society, but recently it seems like more and more young Brits are turning to luxury brands not only for their fashion needs, but also as a way of investing their money.

From women’s Ted Baker boots to Chanel handbags and Supreme hoodies, young Brits are increasingly choosing to spend their money on luxury fashion items.


While Rolex watches are clearly incredibly luxurious statement pieces, they’re also a great investment. Many young people are splashing out on Rolex timepieces simply to enjoy watching them grow in value.

Also, much like art, watch value isn’t usually affected by economic performance, so items such as Rolexes are regarded by some collectors as more desirable than stocks and investments.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is not only one of the most stylish brands in the world, but also one that is reasonably affordable, therefore it’s popular amongst those who want high fashion but don’t have high fashion budgets.

Calvin Klein is also a brand that features very affordable items such as underwear, bags and even designer sunglasses on sale, a strategy that gets people into luxury fashion but at a decent price point.


Much like Rolex, Chanel has always been a brand that offers luxury goods that many people purchase as an investment. Genuine Chanel handbags are not only highly sought after, they also increase in value, no matter what.

While Chanel doesn’t fall into the category of being “affordable,” it is a brand that many young people aspire to work towards and save for.

Hugo Boss

In the world of fragrance and sharp suits, few do it better than Hugo Boss. The German design house has been selling some of the sleekest and most stylish garments on the market for decades, and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

While Hugo Boss is another brand that couldn’t be classified as budget-friendly, it’s a classic brand that many young Brits choose to work towards.

Estée Lauder

With so many huge brands in the makeup space, it’s increasingly difficult for any one company to stand out. However, Estée Lauder has not only remained an influential company, but has also managed to successfully adapt to the changing generations.

The Estée Lauder brand maintains a solid buyer base, and with skincare and health becoming an ever more popular sector, many people are turning to similar classic and iconic brands.

Tiffany & Co.

Jewellery is the go-to accessory in the world of fashion, and there are few that do it better than Tiffany & Co. The company not only produces exceptional items, but is also a brand that suits a variety of budgets.

Tiffany has such a massive range that jewellery enthusiasts can begin their collection even with a small budget. This makes it very appealing to young adults who want high quality but can’t afford incredibly high prices.

TAG Heuer

Most high-end watch companies are seeing spikes in popularity. While Rolex is one of the best, they are still too expensive for some people; therefore, many are choosing a more affordable option such as TAG Heuer.

While TAGs are still expensive, there’s a lot more variety on offer, with more options that suit smaller budgets. Many people are also opting to start their watch collection with TAG Heuers, as you can probably get two or three for the same price as a mid-range Rolex.


Supreme was once widely recognised as a streetwear brand, but thanks to some exciting collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Burberry, it has now firmly repositioned itself in the luxury sector. Supreme items are not only incredibly rare, but also tend to skyrocket in value almost immediately on release.

Supreme is also one of the most traded and collected brands in the world. Many young Brits are opting to become flippers and traders, making money from owning the brand rather than wearing it.


Off-White is a name that’s almost the definition of luxury streetwear. The late designer Virgil Abloh created the Off-White brand back in 2013, and it’s grown to become one of the most popular and most traded brands, along with Supreme.