Looking for a GCSE or Sixth Form place in Oxford?

You found it! Cherwell College Oxford is a pre-university tutorial college, which has managed to maintain the very best the British education system has to offer – the tutorial.

So, if you are intending to study or retake A-Levels or GCSEs, Cherwell College Oxford could be the perfect place for you. If so, your educational journey would be taking a new and exciting twist in Oxford to bring you one step closer in fulfilling your academic or career aspirations.

Oxford – the centre of academic excellence

The Mecca of high-end education, Oxford has been gaining the reputation of the foregoer in delivering the best education techniques for more than five hundred years now. And Cherwell College Oxford makes the most out of the teaching breakthroughs in Oxford and Cambridge.

Cherwell’s bespoke approach to education, delivered via a quintessentially Oxbridge tutorial method of teaching (one-to-one tuition & small group seminars), assists the College in nurturing and developing the individual student’s potential to the full, and therefore, reaching better A-Level and GCSE results. By studying at Cherwell, you will delve into the “Oxford college in miniature” following the same method of teaching as practised by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge (collectively known as Oxbridge). And this is only one of the benefits you get while studying in Oxford with us.

What makes it a unique place to study at Oxford?

  1. You have access to the best tutors, scientists, and academics in the UK (and in the world!) to absorb the knowledge from them for the subject you are learning and wisdom for life, right from your A-Level or GCSE years.
  2. By virtue of being based in Oxford, you will have access to a variety of remarkable venues such as the world’s foremost debating society – the Oxford Union, as well as public lectures at the colleges of the University of Oxford.
  3. It is your stepping stone and solid preparation to enter competitive universities, to build confidence, as well as valuable networks.

These are only a few reasons to take a new step in your academic journey and study in the city of Oxford, at Cherwell College. Another great reason is that the College has its own suite of boarding accommodation where boarders can enjoy a comfortable place and calm ambience.

Living in the heart of Oxford

Considering the fact it is based in the city of Oxford, Cherwell remains a boarding school with its own modern purpose-built accommodation facilities located within a short walking distance from the study centre. All students occupy single, en-suite rooms, which ensure the ultimate comfortable living conditions for the learners.

Growing curious minds and achievers

An inherent part of the student experience at Cherwell (be it a day or a boarding student) is the College’s enrichment programme. Every extra-curricular event is intended to spark curiosity and engage the students in developing knowledge and interest in a broad range of subjects not necessarily related to their main disciplines, but which are vitally important to provide an all-round education and erudition to prepare for a fulfilling life in the ever-changing world they find themselves part of. And it also plays a role of benefit for further entrance to the top universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group.

Are you still hesitating?

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