LogoMyWay – Logo design tips and what to look for in a logo designer


Do you need a logo designed for your brand, product, or service? The chances that you do are good, and we’re here to help you.

This guide will help you on your journey to designing that perfect logo. One that speaks to you and to your brand. speaks to you and to your brand. Being able to decide which creative path you should take with your logo is one of the things that come first when opening a new business. Jess Munday from Custom Neon says that having the drive and motivation to keep looking after realizing that some designs just don’t work is essential for every new business owner. It will help direct you to the one logo that will enchant people and help present your business in the best light from the moment people glance at it

Ultimately, there is at least 7 logo designing tips that you should follow to make your experience a good one.

Ask Yourself, Why do I Need a Logo?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether or not a logo would bring recognition to your brand and your product, as well as increasing your online visibility. The answer here is Yes, you do need a logo to bring about your brand reputation, loyal customers, and potential new customers.

A well-designed logo is a little like looking for love online. Consider your business logo your online profile picture, out there for all to see. For this reason, it needs to be done right. After all, your business logo will go on your business cards, flyers, and other marketing ideas. This is especially true when adding them to your blog or website and it is yours and yours alone.

Needless to say, your logo defines your brand can bring about new customers just as well. It will tell your customers that there is a story behind your brand, and they will be intrigued enough to want to know the “rest of the story.”  Without a doubt, your logo design will have a large impact on your brand and it’s first impressions, make sure it counts!

It Represents Your Brand’s Identity

Once you understand your brand’s unique personality, you can be well on your way to creating the perfect business logo. When deciding on your logo, ask yourself these key questions.

For what reason did I start this business? And do those reasons still stand true?

What are the most important values to the company and myself?

What makes my company special?

What can I offer customers that other brands cannot?

Do I have all of the answers to customers’ concerns or problems?

What three words do I want our customers to say about us?

What three words could I use to describe my business?

Are my beliefs the same as they were when I first started out?

Be certain you know the answers to all the above questions when designing your new business logo. They can help you in choosing the right design.

Search for Inspiration for your Logo Design

Inspiration may be the hardest part of logo design. Look around you, there is inspiration everywhere. But if you have trouble getting inspired, here are a few ways to accomplish it.

Maybe by collecting verbal ideas, the ideation side of your brain will start to spout off its own inspirations. Start with a brainstorming session, on your own or with others you are surrounded by. Check out some logos for Inspiration at Logomyway.

Follow all of the brainstorming rules.

Get all of your ideas out in the open, or even written down, whether they are bad ideas or not, you need to see them all in front of you. You would be surprised by how bad ideas have frequently turned into good ideas when spoken out loud.

Consider how your target audience will view your business, products, or services.

Make a list of words for how you’d like your brand to be seen by others. Keep in mind when making your list of how your product or brand would be accepted by the general audience. Will it help them solve a problem they are having?

Call in the troops to contribute to your brainstorming session. Friends, family, neighbors, even business partners if you have some. By bringing them all together, you can have a successful brainstorming session, because most everyone will have something to say about your brand. And it will increase your chance of designing the perfect business logo for your brand. Do not forget to make notes of the participant’s ideas.

Keep Your Logo Design Simple

Logos do not need to be complex they need to remain as simple as possible. You want your customers to remember what your logo stands for, you don’t want them to have to ‘think’ about it. Take, for example, Nike brand shoes, they have a simple swoosh logo, or Apple, an apple with a bite taken out of it, both are easily recognizable. Anyone that sees these two logos, immediately knows what brand they stand for.

A lot of flashy graphics and fancy fonts will discourage customers from even thinking about your brand. Customers want your message to be relayed quickly, and they want it to be easy to remember. You should strive to make your logo memorable and simple. Start by drawing a rough draft of the logo design you’ve chosen, then make a decision.

Choose Your Color Scheme

Now that you have your design picked out, it’s time to add some color to your rough draft. Adding multiple colors to your design could lead to a negative response, as mentioned before, customers want something easy to remember and memorable. Therefore, splashing a bunch of different colors together will not give you the effect you need. Again, keep it simple. One color scheme is all you need to design your logo.

After you do some research online, and you still have no idea about what color scheme to choose, ask your friends, family, and colleagues. In other words, have another short brainstorming session.

Choose Fonts for Your Brand’s Personality

Your best bet is to create your own font that matches your brand’s personality, but the average person is not able to do that. There are hundreds of fonts and typefaces to choose from online. Many free fonts are also available for download now. While your font doesn’t need to be fancy, it should define your brand’s personality. Whether crazy and wild or down to earth and easy to read.

Feel Free to Add a Tagline

By adding a tagline to your logo, it’s sure to stand out and bring second glances. For example, many content writers have the mindset that Content is King. But for a female freelance writer, Content is Queen. Both are easy and memorable taglines. Keep in mind though, that you do not need a tagline, but it can’t hurt to have one in mind.

The seven steps listed here should help you be well on your way to creating that perfect design for your brand. Use them all or use just a few of them, either way, you choose, you can adapt them to fit what your brand needs.

Be Proud Of Your Professional Logo Design

Once you have applied all the tips mentioned above, you should be proud of your professional logo design. A professionally designed logo is the way for you to be recognized as an expert in your industry. If your logo design is ineffective, then there’s a huge chance that your company won’t be able to succeed. If you’re unable to promote your business and products in a cost-effective manner, your business might never earn enough profit.

When uploading your design, make sure that your website has a unique feature that can be recognized by customers. Thus, your logo design should a feature that makes it stand out.

In order to showcase your professional logo design, you need to have the ability to promote it on the internet. You can start by getting your website optimized and having a good rank in search engines. Having a good page rank will make your website more visible on the internet.

Another thing to consider while trying to showcase your professional logo design is to have some kind of a review of your website. This will help your business get the right attention and it will also help your business gain visibility on the internet.

Take a look at the other tips when presenting your new logo design:

  • Make your logo stand out by posting it on your website and social media channels.
  • Send a ‘thank you’ email to your loyal customers with the new logo design.
  • Include the new logo design in the product packaging.
  • If you want to learn how to showcase your logo, you can employ SEO techniques. This will help you get more traffic on your website and will also help you get more recognition on the internet.