Lockable noticeboards & why you might use them


Many business owners shy away from using lockable notice boards in their offices as they believe it shows that their employees cannot be trusted – this is far from the truth.

Let’s delve into the world of lockable noticeboards and why they could be something your business is missing out on.

With a plethora of different office related furniture and fixtures to think about, ones that are often overlooked are notice boards – specifically, lockable notice boards. Over the course of a business day, there can be  so much information to remember – announcements, invitations, job openings and various other things that are important to convey to other employees in a workspace – and this is where notice boards can really shine.

One could at this point could argue that emails do the same job, but often emails can be missed and can cause an overload in emails and a general clog in internal email.

What do employees really think about lockable noticeboards? Trust issues?

Feedback from employees when it comes to lockable notice boards proves that there was little to no feedback on trust issues – and this is an aspect that business owners worry about when deciding on utilising lockable notice boards.

Lockable notice boards keep data and information protected – and this is normal in our everyday lives. We protect everything – emails via encryption, workstations with passwords and various other security that we adopt each day – workplaces are no different.

Here’s some reasons why lockable notice boards are great to use:

Important notices and documents are protected

This is by and large the most important reason for using a lockable noticeboard. Some businesses may need to show licences and certifications in order to operate. Lockable notice boards will keep these documents safe and protected – whilst being visible in the workplace. Not having these documents protected and being able to be handled can cause fast wear and tear – and this will drastically reduce the lifespan of an important notice or licence/certificate.

Prevention of unauthorised access

Notice boards can quickly become overrun with multiple notices from employees around a company – particularly larger companies. This can mean that unauthorised notices can be easily displayed and this can cause a realm of problems and office politics. Having a lockable notice board means that a company can control what is put on the board and who can place those notices there – limiting any potential problems.

Posting Control

Tieing in with the above, the most important aspect of the lockable notice board is simply having control. You want to ensure that the information you’re displaying is in the interest of the company and isn’t going to cause any turbulence in the workspace.

Appointing someone who is the key-holder of the lockable notice board means that someone is accountable for any and all notices placed within the board and accountability is important.

Make sure you keep a process and are clear with your employees as to what can go on the noticeboard and always ensure that permission is required before allowing employees to post on the notice board.

They just work

Lockable notice boards have always been a favourite for businesses to notify employees of various events and accompanying announcements – for good reason – they work. Why not look at adopting a lockable noticeboard for your business? I promise, it’ll improve getting messages out to your employees internally which influences better communication – ergo – a happier workplace.

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