Let’s nearshore and beat the slow and redundant recruiting process in the IT sector!

Sometimes the stars align: there’s a new, special demand on the market, a company is researching for a proactive solution to a productivity problem, and suddenly, puzzle pieces combine.

Sometimes the stars align: there’s a new, special demand on the market, a company is researching for a proactive solution to a productivity problem, and suddenly, puzzle pieces combine.

Global labour market trends and digital technologies trace out the obvious solution.

The start-up company Let’s Nearshore brings Central European freelance developers and international projects together, on a clean and simple online platform, disrupting the old methods of finding IT talent, which involves recruiter companies, informal networks, and a whole lot of uncertainty.

No one knows your needs better than you

As often the case with startups, Let’s Nearshore is based on a need of its own founders, who already had a successful business up and running, developing database software for companies.They were always on the lookout for good projects, reaching out to Western markets from Switzerland to the UK. They collaborated with recruiters in the hopes of finding additional professional resources. But the whole process seemed unreasonably slow and redundant.

“There are these multiple rounds of talks with the recruiters, specifying our needs, from which you can clearly feel that they don’t know our scene that much. They want to do the best job possible, of course, showing the best talent for us, but in the process they might filter out people for trivial reasons, people who might have been just the right fit for us. And we won’t ever know they even existed. There were occasions when it took 6 weeks for us to sit down with a professional to even start talking about the project, and if there is no agreement, we need to start again from zero. It’s not uncommon in this business that when the right candidate would finally start working, the project is already canceled. Or quite the opposite: when the client decides to hire the guy, they might be already gone to a different project.” – says Daniel Szalai, CEO of Let’s Nearshore.

The best Nearshore freelance developers just a click away

They have been looking for a different solution from the six week long traditional recruiting processes and were not happy with the opportunities provided by online work platforms. Large online remote work/ freelancer networks, in a lot of cases, are not much help for the clients either, because they, again, need a recruiter to browse and filter through the hundreds of applications to their projects. The majority of the applicants don’t even meet the minimal requirements, so here they are, going full circle again.

Let’s Nearshore really cut to the chase with this service, because here the client registers and they can choose who they want to work with from a pre-filtered online pool, based on their own needs. They don’t need to explain the project or the conditions – they can discuss that directly with the professionals. So, they can find the right developer they need in a matter of days. Let’s Nearshore offers the platform and a simple and clear legal environment for that. They assign a Key Account Manager to every contract to ensure a seamless cooperation between all involved parties.

What is nearshoring?

Like offshore, it’s about shipping your production out to reduce labour costs, but instead of taking it to far-away, exotic locations, you stay closer to home – in neighbouring, or nearby countries. This is a new trend in IT business, emerging for these reasons:

– similar culture and work ethic;

– no timezone difference;

– easy to travel to the site if needed;

– highly educated workforce;

– lower risk of hidden costs and unforeseen circumstances.