Lessons learned by Yerkin Tatishev, from the Bloomberg Global Business Forum

Yerkin Tatishev

Yerkin Tatishev, the Kazakhstan native and founder and chairman of the Singapore based holding company, Kusto Group, attended the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, as reported by a recent post on the Yerkin Tatishev’s blog.

The event took place on the 26thSeptember 2018 at the Plaza hotel in New York City.

The event was by invitation only.  A list of influential business and world leaders attended the event, including: Michael Bloomberg; Presidents from Switzerland, Spain, Chile, South Africa, the Netherlands, Norway and Mexico; America’s 42ndPresident; the Bank of England’s Governor; Australia’s Super. CEOs from companies such as Virgin; BlackRock; Uber; Citadel; SAP; IBM; Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse. Henry A. Kissinger; the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Island; Malaysia’s Prime Minister and many more. The forum was presidents, prime ministers and CEOs to share their visions for sustainable economic development, and for the two groups to find new ways to work together toward common goals”  (https://gbf.bloomberg.org/agenda/).

Following the report on Yerkin Tatishev blog, the forum exposed the businessman to the future of technological innovation, business development and the many elements that are shaping the global economy.

Tatishev expressed how Bloomberg’s data-driven approach has the power to promote global change. He stated that the Kusto Group are in constant search of “the higher-tech approach across our various markets, from agriculture to oil and gas” and that he is “looking forward to the opportunity to discuss with other guests how best to harness technological advances, keeping in mind impact on the workforce and environment”. (https://yerkintatishev.com/2018/09/23/kusto-group-at-the-bloomberg-global-business-forum/).

Technological and economic forethought are key components in the Bloomberg Forum. According to accounts, Tatishev noted that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform society and the economy with as much impact as the Internet had. Robin Li, the Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from Baidu commented on the impact of AI, stating that “If the Internet was the appetizer, AI is the main course.” (https://gbf.bloomberg.org/social/) and added that AI has the power to “transform the way businesses and industries work.” Tatishev predicted that going forward, AI will have an increasingly significant role in the Kusto Group’s ventures across all sectors of business. 

At the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, President Macron launched the One Planet Summit (https://www.oneplanetsummit.fr/en) and spoke about governments, business, and society working together to reduce the carbon footprint for the benefit of the environment. Companies at the forum were praised for sharing data through the @sharedstreetsio platform, an effort that helps cities “manage road congestion and cut emissions.” (https://gbf.bloomberg.org/social/). 

The overriding message was that this is an ongoing effort, and it is imperative that society band together for the sake of and a greener and healthier planet and future generations. For this to happen, everyone needs to transition to a low carbon economy. 

The Bloomberg Global Business Forum served to highlight how beneficial it can be to the world when governments and businesses work together. Prior to the event Yerkin Tatishev had commented that he was looking forward to the discussions at the event about how “innovation and collaboration could be used to solve global economic challenges.” (https://yerkintatishev.com/2018/09/23/kusto-group-at-the-bloomberg-global-business-forum/).  

One of the Kusto Group’s key values is to work with integrity, trust and to be a group that shares the best practices and new ideas. Yerkin Tatishev’s post-event thoughts can be read here: (https://yerkintatishev.com/2018/09/29/kusto-group-at-the-bloomberg-global-business-forum-post-event-thoughts/)

The Kusto Group is an association of entrepreneurs who, with the use of insightful management skills and expert staff, build lasting businesses in the world’s most dynamic economies, (http://www.kustogroup.com/). The business contains a diverse number of multi-sectors. There are Kusto Group businesses in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Israel and Singapore, that range across many different industries, including oil and gas, paint, and business education, among others. 

Yerkin Tatishev also established The Yerzhan Tatishev Foundation. A non-profit organization that awards grants to young people pursuing degrees in economics, banking or finance. He also founded the High-Tech Academy, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, an institution that facilitates collaborative projects for students to gain practical, real world experience in the industries of technology and business.