Learn about the business model behind Rainbow Riches

Betting on train

There’s no doubt that the online gambling industry is a profitable one. Its gross revenue measures in billions and has outshined some other large industries in terms of monetary success.

Apart from casino operators who are obviously reaping all the benefits, game providers also earn a great deal of money. In fact, they are the ones in charge of creating games, thus being the brains behind the whole casino realm.

If you are wondering how the gambling industry has become so profitable, you shouldn’t look for the business model casinos use but rather pay attention to the one featured by casino game providers. This is exactly what we are going to do here by using the Rainbow Riches slot as an example.

Keep Up With Technological Development

Rainbow Riches started its career as a land-based slot machine and very quickly became the most popular game in UK gambling halls. Even then, a UK slot provider Barcrest that created Rainbow Riches started accumulating a lot of profit due to the slot’s popularity.

However, times have changed and land-based casinos got their online counterparts. While Barcrest could have stayed in the previous century and kept producing land-based slots only, its team of developers decided to keep up with technological advancements and launch the online version of their best-selling slot.

With this in mind, your business lesson number one would be to stay open-minded even if you have already climbed to a certain level on the success ladder. There’s always room for improvement since success is a journey rather than a destination.

Put Trust in Professionals

Regardless of how good you are at something, you will always need a team to help you keep up the good work. The provider of Rainbow Riches had a great idea for creating a first-class product but still needed other skilful people to make it happen.

Namely, the payouts of casino games are based on advanced mathematical and statistical formulas that guarantee that casinos have the edge over players. An ordinary man cannot create that all by himself, which is why software providers employ professionals who take care of this aspect and make sure the casino wins in the long run.

This is not only the case in the gambling industry. When you are developing a business, you might be able to keep everything under control while your company is young. However, once it starts growing, you won’t have enough time to monitor everything, even if you work 24/7.

To make sure that everything is functioning properly, find reliable professionals to whom you will delegate at least part of the workload. Otherwise, you risk becoming exhausted, which can lead to the total collapse of both your health and your business.

Find the Right Formula to Attract Audience

We live in a world where consumerism dictates the rules. Nowadays, every business market, including land-based and online gambling ones, is overcrowded with both big and small companies trying to reach as many people as possible.

To tackle this problem, casinos use gambling candy to attract new players and keep regular players coming back for more. The proven formula consists of generous bonuses and promotions, and Rainbow Riches isn’t afraid to implement these in its business model.

For this reason, the slot features three different bonus games. The one that made the slot famous worldwide is called Road to Riches and it takes you on a road trip filled with multipliers. At the end of the road, the top prize in a pot of gold awaits.

As you can see, this very simple slot that doesn’t include any free spins has found a way to keep players interested and make the provider liquid for years now. To achieve similar results and make the most of your business (regardless of its type), you need to discover what your customers want and do everything in your power to deliver it to them.