Law firms: How to embrace the digital age for success

digital strategy

Gone are the days when clients were loyal to their local law firm.

The digital age has changed how individuals access legal advice, and, like every industry, the legal sector is having to evolve to survive in the digital landscape.

Law firms and sole practitioners are having to be innovative in overcoming the challenges of a new way of working. If you fail to adapt, then you will be left behind. So, how can you develop a sustainable legal business in this digital age?

Appeal to new clients

Other than through word-of-mouth, the most effective way to attract new clients is by nurturing your online presence.You only have one chance to make a first impression, so investing resources in creating the right one is essential.

This includes:


A well designed, brand rich website that focuses on user experience. It should showcase the services you provide, have an easy to access contacts form, and clear calls to action to guide the visitor. Itshould be visually appealing, but it also needs to be technically optimised with SEO to boost organic website traffic.

Content marketing

The content that you publish on your website needs to be informative, unique, and resonate with your target audience. The services that you provide should be written in a way to compel the reader to act.

However, it’s essential that you write for the audience, rather than simply using the website as a digital brochure to gain the full benefits. SEO focused content helps to generate leads and convert them into clients. Your website should also have a blog or insights section so that you can share your posts across social media platforms.

Content marketing helps you to:

  • Reach a bigger audience
  • Develop and strengthen relationships
  • Demonstrate your authority and expertise


Pay-per-click (or PPC as it is known) is a highly effective and quick way to raise the profile of your business and get immediate leads. To gain the full benefits of PPC, it should be implemented alongside an organic marketing campaign.

Streamline processes

Running a successful law practice requires accurate and efficient operations. You need to have a firm grip on cashflow, work-in-progress, client accounts, and all financial transactions. Not only does practice management involve high-level administration, but it also includes the need to be compliant with the regulations that govern law firms.

A cloud-based system such as is an efficient way for data to be logged, tracked, and stored and remain compliant to regulations. Payments, overdue invoices, and even financial forecasts can be monitored at with ease – essential for managing cashflow.

Concerning client work, this means that any data is accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection – no more misplaced files and more efficient service is received.

To develop and grow and sustainable business, you must embrace the digital technologies that you have available to. By nurturing your digital presence, potential clients can access information about your practice beyond standard opening hours. By streamlining processes inhouse, you can run the practice more efficiently, boosting productivity, cashflow, and profit.