James Khuri knows next year will have the same winners as this year

James Khuri

E-commerce is reaching new heights since the global pandemic is restricting consumer behaviour, with a devastating effect for local retail & shopping malls. Global distribution players like James Khuri on the other side, are looking at a bright future.

The immediate impact of the changes brought upon consumers this year is undeniable and obvious. Undisputed giant Amazon is breaking new records every day, with no end to Jeff Bezos’ growth in sight. More and more people choose comfort and safety every day, which has proven in the numbers of the last years already. But the disruption of retail has seen exponential losses on one sight, and the same nature of increased demand on the other.

James Khuri, owner and CEO of Khuri Enterprises & FJ Holdings, is one of the big winners of 2020. He established 9 companies amongst the very top of manufacturing and distributing partners for Amazon, Walmart and brick & mortar stores in the last 15 years. Distributing goods from Gaming cards such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, as well as toys and licensed products by Mattel, Hasbro, Nintendo, etc., his products are supplied to over 136 countries in the world.

With an ever expanding range of products, as well as updated and partner-tailored distribution fulfilment plans, he is aiming for over $200 million in sales in 2021.

In a recent interview with Forbes magazine, Khuri shared some insight about the latest developments behind his major coorporations:

“We’ve been able to develop a brand-new distribution model that’s unique in the entire system of worldwide distribution. In fact, Amazon just hired an employee specifically for one of my companies to work with us in the 136 countries that we sell to.

They’ve only done this for ten suppliers in the whole world. Amazon is going to help us work with the government to establish an online platform.

In addition, Walmart invited us to start a system called “Fulfilled by Walmart” which is like “Fulfilled by Amazon.” We started it three weeks ago, and already are processing 4000 orders a week. Because Walmart is now directly competing with Amazon, this will help create a better atmosphere for consumers.“

Besides his distribution enterprise, James Khuri still is highly engaged in commercial real estate. Classic retail has never been of much interest for him, and the current development clearly plays into his cards there. He owns medical property in New York, as well as multiple family buildings all over Los Angeles. Objects that have caught his attention and interest more recently, are large refrigerated warehouses. A business, that overlaps with his distribution activities, and definitely not completely new terrain for the successor.

While many industries are struggling with the all new conditions, James Khuri is more than just set for the future. Consumer behaviour has experienced a change that is extremely unlikely to be reversed, no matter the circumstances in the coming years.