Is your job in Crypto really Simple?

Why today, even after 15 years since Bitcoin emerged, people still can’t get used to crypto? And why do some still think that it’s about to go away?

Why today, even after 15 years since Bitcoin emerged, people still can’t get used to crypto? And why do some still think that it’s about to go away?

Meanwhile, crypto’s going nowhere and it’s apparently came here to stay. Is it hard to accept it or is it simple? We’ll ask about it Alexander Skalabanov, Founder of a crypto company named “Simple”.

What a great name, why “Simple”?

Because crypto should be simple and our mission is actually to make Crypto accessible to more people worldwide and allow them to benefit from blockchain technology.

At the beginning blockchain technology started as a pure IT geek thing. That’s why only a few managed to understand it. But now things are different – it’s for everyone, it’s becoming part of our everyday life…

Does your project really help in making crypto more simple to use? Is it even possible?

But our mission goes farther than making crypto simple to use. Of course, we give simple tools to our users, such as a very cool crypto wallet (you can check it at But our main goal is to really bring crypto into people’s life, make it a lifestyle if you want. And we give a very good reason why people should do that.

I wish you luck, but there are so many crypto projects out there! You’ll certainly need a feature that no one else has. Tell us about your plan of getting people’s attention.

Now that’s simple. We’ve tried to find some everyday’s issue, some important problem that we could solve using crypto technology. And this issue has to be important for everyone – that’s how we get people’s attention.

And have you found it?

We have come to the conclusion that one of the top issues of today is getting a nice job. In our society it’s one of the fundamental tasks for everyone. Earning’s not easy, especially during economic turmoil. So what do we do – we are creating jobs in crypto. That is how we get everyone’s attention.

But your “job in crypto”, is it really for everyone ? Don’t you have to know programming or cryptography or things like that to work in crypto?

That is what people generally think. But our job in crypto is really for everyone. We are called “Simple” for a reason. The work is simple enough but you can earn very well. Currently, we require specialists in five different areas : sales, digital marketing, coaching, design and even performing arts.

We create a place where they get a possibility to earn money by interaction with each other.

Performing arts! Now that is a non-technical specialty. I wouldn’t think that can be related to crypto. Why do you pay these specialists?

The money comes from the quickly growing market of tokenization. It is when companies create their digital tokens as part of their businesses. Our company, Simple, we help them create and promote their digital tokens. Sometimes these digital tokens are very expensive and by selling them we make great profits. Today the tokenization process of our life is only just beginning. There are more and more new tokens coming, just wait and see.

The more new tokens we create, the more new opportunities for people exist to share their knowledge and professionalism with us. Tokenization projects – that’s where all the jobs come from.

OK so how do I know more about your project in case I want to work for you one day?

Sure, we’ll invite reporters one day, why not ) The tokenization will be everywhere. We recommend visiting our landing page for joining our tokenization projects, or simply download our Simple app at!