Is the Volcano Classic still a classic?


Storz and Bickel’s innovation of the Volcano Classic Vaporizer was ground-breaking.

Made famous by its detachable balloon chamber, the Volcano Vaporizers quickly flew off shelves and took their place in the homes of customers. It was the most technologically advanced self-standing vaporizer of its day, but, naturally, customers question whether the Volcano is still a worthy investment. 

As vaping technology progresses and new models seem to come out every single day, perhaps the Volcano Classic should now be considered a “vintage” buy. However, maybe the vaporizer does still hold up as technologically advanced even amongst the Volcano’s 2018 updates and alternatives. We are here to find out: is the Volcano Classic still a classic purchase?

Volcano Classic – A Safe Vaping Option 

The Volcano’s pioneering balloon chamber technology created a safer vaporisation process, which produced healthier and better-quality vapour by separating the vapour and user from direct contact with the heat and electricity generation. 

In other words, the German reputation for providing ergonomic designs was not let down by this invention by its two German architects, Storz and Bickel. The improvement of the vaporisation process completely removed damaging toxins and by-products from the vapour released from its device.

Medical Popularity

As the first vaporiser to achieve the goal creating a purer, more toxin-free vapour, the Volcano Classic was soon celebrated within medical fields looking into best practices for the safe and effective provision of medical marijuana to patients. Storz and Bickel soon became one of the most trusted vaporisation producers, and they remain so today.

Storz and Bickel soon produced updates to their Volcano Classic to leverage their popularity. For instance, they manufactured the Volcano Digital which included digital control over the temperature. However, it is often the original Volcano Classic that is discussed as a go-to for medical professionals due to its famous name. In this sense, it is still a classic. 

Volcano Classic – A Party Classic

It was not just medical professionals that were excited by the improvement of the vapour quality.  Since it boasts a 75% increase in the effects of the active ingredients in vapour, recreational users became excited, too. Moreover, the balloon stores vapour for up to eight hours so users can enjoy extended vaporisation sessions without constant reheating and cooling. This makes it ideal for parties (though the one draw-back is you have to share a mouthpiece).

Its popularity for use in gatherings led to its introduction in coffee houses in Amsterdam, and it even won the 2003 Cannabis Cup. So, it will always be a classic for use in meet-ups between friends.

However, as the detachable balloon safety measure still remains in the newer versions of the Volcano, customers might wonder why they would bother buying the earlier version of the Volcano when they can get the same safety benefit of the original plus more. There is a simple answer to this – affordability. 

The Affordable Volcano Classic

If you don’t mind leaving behind those fancy digital controls in the Volcano Digital, you may as well choose the Volcano Classic. Moreover, if you aren’t using it for medical purposes, perhaps selecting the Volcano Classic over the Volcano Medic is the way forward. You will still get the same revolutionary Storz and Bickel feature which produces the pure and punchy vapour people rave about but simply at a lower price. 

While the Volcano Digital enjoys customisable digital features, to personalise your vaporizer, the dial on the Volcano Classic allows you to choose your desired temperature easily and has useful LED lights to let you know when it has heated to the selected amount.

Of course, the extra safety valve on the Volcano Medic provides additional assurance of the safety and purity of the vapour, but if you are looking for something a little cheaper and still safe to use, the Volcano Classic wins. Plus, the simple dial, original stainless-steel material and its mountain-shape, is a timeless design. Customers will love the way the Classic looks in their home and will not feel the need to hide the instrument away when not in use. 

A Longstanding Classic

All in all, it seems the Volcano Classic will continue to be a staple amongst the vaping community and industry. This is due to its position as a household name amidst recreational users and for aromatherapy use and medical cannabis users. Not only is it a prize-winning vape in the cannabis capital of the world, but it has also achieved the challenging task of winning the trust of medical professionals. 

So, the Volcano Classic remains a classic and probably won’t be going anywhere until an innovator increases the impact of the active ingredients from the 75% provided by the Volcano, to the full 100%.