Is Motley Fool Legit?


Motley Fool offers exceptionally high returns that some people may deem too good to be true. However, the company is legitimate and has more than 700,000 subscribers (members), and has employed over 250 people.

One guarantee is that Motley Fool finds stocks when they are about to take off, regardless of whether they are highly-priced or have low prices. Another thing is that Motley Fool does not recommend penny stocks. It focuses on blue-chip stocks.

When working with the recommendations, always remember that you have to act fast when the recommendations go out. Expect the recommendations every Thursday at around noon and the “full effect” to occur afterward. Typically, the recommended stocks’ prices usually go up by $2 to $3 per share within the first few hours.

What happens if I feel like Stock Advisor is not helpful?

Membership on Motley Fool is voluntary. One can cancel their membership at any time. If you cancel within 30 days of joining, you will get your money back. However, canceling your subscription after a month does not come with any refund.

Is there a guarantee that I will make money?

Everyone needs to understand that investment is a risk that provides no guarantees. Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor may have a rich history of success, but there still exists a risk with investment. Not every pick on the recommended stocks will earn you money.

You can hardly find any negative reviews about Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor, but the truth is some picks may drop as much as 30%. Some usually bounce back, but not all of them do. The good thing is that they will inform you when they see the need for you to sell a stock.

One thing to remember is that Motley Fool has over 700,000 subscribers. There is definitely a “full effect” that needs you to be ready on Thursdays so that you can buy the stocks as soon as you get the email.

Is Stock Advisor a brokerage?

No. Stock Advisor cannot serve as a broker. It is an advisor like the name suggests. The services entail advising you on the different aspects of stock you need to consider before buying stocks. The services do not include brokerage.

Is Motley Fool worth the money?

One thing to remember is that not every pick by Motley Fool will go up. However, many of the picks will usually double or triple every year. The response to this particular question, therefore, is “yes.” Averagely, the picks beat the market by over 90%

The best way to answer the question “is it worth the money” needs you first to understand how much money gets involved. Generally, the cost of motley Fool’s Stock Advisor is $199 per year. The price looks very expensive compared to other Robo advisors. However, Motley Fool usually provides links where new members can join and pay just $99 a year.

Being that one can cancel the subscription within 30 days of joining and gat a refund, you can try joining using the links. You will pay $99 and get access to the recent picks plus the next picks. If the picks do not satisfy you, you can cancel within 30 days and get your money back. You have nothing to lose.

How much does Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor cost?

The normal price is $199 per year. You can cancel at any time within 30 days of signing up and get your money back. Motley Fool does not have any hidden charges. Additionally, Motley Fool runs promotions that usually see new subscribers pay as low as $99 a year.

Is Motley Fool good for technical analysis?

You cannot carry out technical analysis for Motley Fool stocks. Technical analysis involves the analysis of trade volumes and prices. You will then try to forecat the direction of stock prices based on the analysis.

On the other hand, Motley Fool service relies on fundamental analysis. Therefore, the focus is onn competitors, financial statements from the company, and the overall status of the economy. Thus, the service is for longer-term investing.

One thing to remember is that Motley Fool stocks are not suitable for day trading. In day trading, investors buy and sell stocks on the same day. Motley Fool recommends the stocks they want investors to hol for years, and not minutes or hours. The focus is on buy and hold portfolios seeking capital growth. It is less stressful and focuses on long-term growth.