Is ‘Free Spins’ the Same as ‘No Deposit’?

Gambling sites provide various promotions to attract new customers. I understand how overwhelming this can be, especially for beginners. Bonuses differ from site to site, and we notice many people don’t understand the advantages and disadvantages of each promotion.

Gambling sites provide various promotions to attract new customers. I understand how overwhelming this can be, especially for beginners. Bonuses differ from site to site, and we notice many people don’t understand the advantages and disadvantages of each promotion.

I frequently see two of the most common bonuses: Free Spins and no-deposit bonuses. As an expert, I’ve tried these bonuses and learned how they work. Here’s my insight on what these two bonuses can give you.

No-Deposit Bonus

Most gambling bonuses I’ve seen require a deposit to activate. A no-deposit promotion is, like its name, claimable without any deposit. It’s one of the most attractive welcome bonuses for beginners looking to explore their options. Some gambling sites also use this promotion to reward their loyal customers.

No-deposit bonuses are commonly claimable after the registration process. The common no-deposit bonus I’ve seen offers a small amount of credits for the new account, eligible for the operator’s gaming collection. However, based on my experience, this bonus isn’t entirely free.

Wagering Requirements

To explain it simply, when one claims a no-deposit bonus, they’d have to meet the wagering requirements to cash out their winnings. This is why I mentioned that the promotion isn’t entirely free; one has to mostly have to deposit to fulfill the wagering requirements.

No-Deposit Types

Several promotions can be a no-deposit offer. Here are some of the most common no-deposit bonuses.

●      No-Deposit Cash Bonus – A no-deposit cash offer allows users to get a small free credit without a deposit. I’ve seen several operators offer this type of promotion as a welcome bonus for new gamblers or a loyalty reward for the operator’s regular customers.

●      No-Deposit Free Spins – When an operator offers no-deposit Free Spins, gamblers can claim Free Spins without a deposit. I have also found this is a standard promotion for operators in their loyalty or VIP program. For example, when a gambling site offers 30 no-deposit spins, users can enjoy the 30 free spins no deposit casino offer without funding their account.

●      No-Deposit Free Plays – The no-deposit Free Plays is a relatively new type of bonus. Although rare, we’ve found some gambling sites offering this promotion, where the site allows players to play for free for a short time.

Free Spins

When an online gambling site offers many slots, I have noticed that it tends to offer Free Spins bonuses. Free Spins are a type of promotion where gamblers can receive several spins for free. Some gambling sites make the spins eligible for all the titles in their collection. Meanwhile, I’ve found many sites limiting which title we can play using the bonus.

Some spin promotions are also no-deposit, while others require a deposit to claim them. No-deposit spins allow someone to explore the operator’s collection without risking their money, but the number of spins is usually smaller. On the contrary, deposit-free spins can be more generous, although they require them to pay for them first.

I noticed that both are subject to specific conditions. For example, the bonus user can only use the spins on certain games that the operator has chosen. Like other bonuses, this promotion also has an active period. When you fail to use the promotion within its active period, it’ll expire, and the operator will take it back along with the winnings generated, if any.

Wagering Requirements

Although the wagering requirements may differ from site to site, they’re standard across operators. I advise all gamblers to take bonus terms and conditions seriously, as even if the offer looks attractive, it might not benefit them. Before claiming, you must understand the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements.

Free Spins Types

Although they’re similar, operators offer different types of Free Spins. Understanding the type of promotion a gambling site offers will help you better understand how it works. Here are the most common types we frequently see on online gambling sites.


As we’ve explained, no-deposit spins don’t require a deposit to be claimed. When the operator verifies your account, you can claim and use the bonus without funding your account first.


Deposit-free spins require a deposit before being claimed. Some operators have a minimum deposit that you must fulfill to be eligible for the promotion. The good thing about this bonus is that it tends to have lower wagering restrictions than other types.

No Wagering

No wagering Free Spins are still new and rare to come by. These are the types that come with no wagering requirements. It’s a great bonus especially if you’re starting your gambling journey. It’s an excellent way to explore new sites while monitoring the risk.

Are Free Spins The Same as No-Deposit Bonus?

Free Spins and no deposit are two different promotions. Some spin bonuses required us to deposit, but we’ve also found several operators offering no-deposit spins. Meanwhile, all no-deposit bonuses won’t require you to fund your account to claim. However, the type of bonus you can claim through the no-deposit promotion differs from gambling site to gambling site.