iPhone crashed in recovery mode: how to fix the error?

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The iPhone is a communication device but how sophisticated it is, it’s not really free of problems.

This article is intended for every iPhone user who has or is having problem of iPhone crashed in recovery mode or dropped iPhone in water. For iPhone users, it is common to see situations in which the device is locked in recovery mode. This status is used to solve operating problems by updating or restoring the device. However, if any errors occur during the process, the iPhone will be locked in recovery mode showing the iTunes logo and will prevent the device from restarting. In this case, you can fix the problem easily: just keep your device connected to your computer and follow the instructions to continue.Remove

iPhone from recovery mode with iTunes

In most cases, if your iOS device gets locked into recovery mode, you can remove it in this way using iTunes. The process is quite easy and can be done by any user. First, with iPhone connected to the computer you need to run iTunes. The Apple program will detect that the device is in recovery mode and will display a window in which you will be prompted to restore your device in order to use it with iTunes.

Just click “OK” and use the device restore option through iTunes to troubleshoot the issue. However, it is important to mention that this method can cause data loss. ITunes may restore using a previously made backup, but all files and data generated after the backup will be lost. If you decide to set it as a new device, the data loss will not be partial but total. To avoid this loss of data, the alternative is to use a program that specializes in iPhone repair.

Repair the iPhone with a specialized program

If you want to avoid partial or total loss of data while unlocking the iPhone or simply could not complete the process with iTunes, the recommended alternative is to use a specialized program, such as Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery. The program allows you to repair various iPhone malfunctions, including locking in recovery mode, without losing your device data. Anyway, the company advises to make backups frequently in a preventive way.

The solution is easy, just connect the iPhone to the computer and run Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery. After that, you need to click “Recover iOS system” and then click “Start”. The program will detect if the iPhone is in normal mode or has an error. If the device needs to be repaired, as is the case when it is locked in recovery mode, a results screen will be displayed and the user will have to confirm if he wants to correct the error.

After confirming clicking “Repair”, the program will download the repaired firmware and restore the iPhone. You have to wait for the program to finish the process and automatically restart the iPhone. After the restart, the repair has already been completed and the device returns to its normal state with all the data it contained.