Inta-Lock advice to student landlords following surge in burglaries


Leicester based Locksmiths Inta-Locks recent study shows that now 1 in 4 students are burgled during their time at University, a devastating increase over the last 5 years.

They issue this advice to all student landlords as in an age where flat screen TV’s and various other luxurious amenities have almost become the norm in this so-called ‘silver spoon’ generation, Inta-Lock has issued advisories to student landlords to clamp down on thieves.

Since 2014, over £25 million worth of goods have been stolen from student residences across the UK with 81% of those being from privately rented accommodation on city-based university campuses and multiple occupancy ‘dorms’.

Inta-Lock offers up the following advice to student landlords across the UK to bolster security and ensure burglaries are less likely.

  1. Invest in security, it will save money in the long-term

Review all your security and up-rate all security fixtures whether it be locks, entry systems, security cameras and any other deterrent. Make sure you review your security each year to ensure that it’s still fully functional. Investing in good equipment is worthwhile for the long-term and our figures show that better quality products save money in the long-term.

Matthew East from Inta-Lock Locksmith Leicester stated “It’s very easy to look for the cheapest security you can find to save a few pounds here and there, however, over the years we’ve seen that by doing this you actually spend more in the long run replacing budget security. We’d always recommend to buy from reputable brands”

  • Make sure you know about anyone and everyone who has access to your properties

Thieves don’t necessarily need to break-in, they can pose as anyone to gain access. We’ve seen an abundance of cases where thieves have impersonated utility workers, cable and TV engineers and various other professions. Ensure that anyone accessing your building or property carries the correct certification and that a log is kept. Your tenant should report any visitors such as this to you (and you should make a point in insisting this in a tenancy agreement).

  • Discuss security with your student tenants

Discuss all possible security measures with your tenants. This very well be the first place they would have inhabited alone and as such they may not understand the fundamentals of keeping a property secure. 

Make sure you advise them of security measures to take, how locking mechanisms work properly and always be sure to check the security beforea tenant moves in.

  • Think Like A Thief Would

This may sound a little far-fetched but in fact, it’s a great way to ensure your property stays safe. Make sure you remove any large objects, debris or anything that could likely be used to smash windows or force entry. 

It’s also a good idea to take a look at other properties in the general area to ensure that yours also doesn’t stand out as student accommodation.

  • Don’t be tempted to DIY Security

Although many of us see ourselves as masters of DIY, Inta-Lock advises that this is an area you should leave to professionals. Utilising a professional means that they can scope the property and make advisories based on their opinion – and they could indeed identify possible vulnerabilities that you would of otherwise missed.

  • Install security lights

Inta-Lock state that security lights are an absolutely brilliant deterrent to burglars and would advise almost all student landlords should have one on their premises primarily facing the front and backs of their properties. 

For landlords who’d like further advice, Inta-Lock Locksmith Peterborough & Leicester are happy to help you