Injection molding: 8 benefits you should know

Injection moulding

Injection molding is a wonderful process that, in addition to optimizing the production times of the plastics industry, reduces its costs.

Thanks to the incredible technology used in this process, today thousands of people have infinite plastic items within their reach.

Many of us do not realize the benefits of the plastics industry and its production processes, but these are incalculable.Just take a close look at your surroundings and check that the plastics and injection molding industry are part of your life.At “” we have everything to satisfy the needs of your company regarding plastic injection molding.

Realizing this helps us understand the great annual growth of the plastics industry and its importance in the global economy.On the other hand, to learn more about the injection molding process, today we are going to talk a little about it and its role in this and other industries.If you are an expert on the subject, you will surely like this content, so we invite you to continue reading.

Steps: How Injection Molding Work?

  • First an engineer designs the part to produce.
  • Then the tool maker makes a metal mold (aluminum or steel). The mold can have one or multiple cavities, and is manufactured with great precision to form the desired piece.
  • The third step is to choose the polymer (thermoplastic, thermoset or elastomer) that will be used in the injection molding process.
  • Subsequently, the granules of the chosen material are heated in the barrel of the molding machine until the mixture becomes flexible to be injected into the mold.
  • Next, a ram-type spindle pushes the correct amount of material to fill the cavities under pressure while the two mold halves are tightly closed.
  • Once this is done, the material cools and hardens into the shape of the desired part.
  • Finally, the piece is removed from the mold and the process is repeated.

The 8 Benefits You Should Know About Plastic Injection Molding

In addition to producing a significant volume of high-quality plastic parts, there are many other benefits of injection molding.

Here we leave you at least eight to give you an idea or confirm the multiple reasons there are to implement this method.

1. You Can Make Complex Conversions from Metal to Plastic

Injection molding provides the opportunity to perform complex metal to plastic conversions.Low overall cost per part by reducing the number of machining operations to a simple molding process.

2. Lighter Plastic Components

Plastic components for any product are lighter than machined metal parts.

3. You Forget the Corrosion Problem

Because the material used is plastic and not metal, corrosion is no longer a problem in the injection molding process.

4. Wide Freedom of Design Parts

Plastic injection molds offer great freedom of part design. They allow adding radii or rounded edges that would require machining and additional cost on metal parts.

5. Creation of Detailed Parts with Complex Geometry

Injection molding allows you to create highly detailed parts with complex geometry.Since the plastic material is pushed into the mold with great pressure, the cavity is completely filled.This results in plastic conforming to even the most difficult, intricate, and detailed mold shapes.

6. Different Materials can be Combined in one Piece

In this process it is possible to combine different materials in a single piece, for more utility and less assembly processes.Also, using two-cycle molding, you can use hard, soft plastic to create a sealing edge or a soft edge.Injection molding allows non-plastic components to be incorporated, for example, a metal screw into a plastic knob.

7. High Degree of Automation

This process involves a high degree of automation, which represents a significant saving in costs and production times.In addition, many process steps can be performed by machines or robots controlled by a single operator.This translates to lower labor costs and overall expenses.

8. Little or no Material Waste

All this process generates little or no amount of material waste, since the remains of the excess plastic can be reused.On the other hand, many of the plastic products can be reused by the consumer or end customer.

Industries Benefited with this Incredible Process

  • Automotive industry.
  • The HVAC and appliances industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.

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It is a fact that this process is one of the most profitable, efficient and popular in the manufacture of plastic parts.

This is due in large part to the ability to produce thousands or even millions of parts with high quality and extremely varied designs.

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