Increasing popularity of game rooms

Escape Room

It will not come as a big surprise that game rooms are getting very popular. People all around the world book various theme rooms to spend time with friends, family and even colleagues.

The concept was introduced in 2003 through a video game. Later in 2007, it was transformed in escape rooms that we know today.

Today you can find escape rooms in any country in the world. There are around 250 rooms only in England. What is more surprising is that people book rooms even being on vacation. Thus,, which is one of the best escape rooms in UK, is booked every fourth tourist.

Why is escape game so popular?

  • It is a new type of entertainment, which is much better than going to clubs. Escape rooms are popular among people of absolutely various age groups. Going to escape game is a good idea for spending time with your family or friends. Most games are designed to engage five-six people. It is also a great idea for a small team-building. People are united by the same goal –solving a mystery, which helps them cooperate and communicate efficiently.
  • It is a brainstorming activity. Being locked in a room activates problem-solving Escape games have numerouslypuzzled that you have to solve. There are many clues but players have to be attentive to understand them. Everything in the room is for a reason. Your task is to put the puzzle together. Such games require logic and quick-thinking. Get a team of players that have different strong sides.
  • Experts say that escape rooms improve communication skills. No wonder. You are locked in one room with other people. You have to learn to interact with them in order to achieve the ultimate goal- solve the secret. In such circumstances, you also learn to listen to other people as they can be right. It is a great teamworksituation that develops useful skills.
  • Escape games also challenge your time-management skills. Players are given only one hour to solve the mystery. Of course, you will be let out, if you do not solve. But it is much more interesting to find the key to the door. You have to maximize your team efforts to do it in one hour.
  • Most escape rooms have a theme. You can try therole of the main character of a famous movie. Some rooms even give out clothes that help feel genuine setting. Great opportunity for those, who were dreaming about actor career. You will not get Oscar but positive emotions are guaranteed.
  • It is great fun. Apart from all other benefits, it is simply an entertaining activity. You and your friends or family create long-lasting memories. You will have a lot of funny moment to remember.

An escape room is something everyone should try. Find an interesting room for your team and book time to get incredible memories.