In the business of business tyres


You need your car to get to and from work, attend meetings, pick up supplies and for so much more besides.

Often, if your work vehicle is not available, getting to and from work can be very difficult, if not impossible. For this reason, you should always take the time to get your vehicle serviced and keep it well maintained – a little down-time on your terms is infinitely better than longer down-time when you have things to be doing!

At Ossett Tyre House we fully understand the importance of keeping your car on the road so you can keep on doing what you need to do to pay the bills and live your best life! We have a full understanding of the world of tyres as the business has been fitting, fixing and inflating tyres for over half a century!

Ken Clarke and his wife Jean set up a motor shop in Horbury in the 60s, moving the short distance to Ossett (a former market town still within the city of Wakefield) in the early 70s. It is a point of pride that many customers made the move alongside the fledgling company, and their loyalty has been rewarded as the company has grown over the years.

It now incorporates three generations of the family, with Alison and Stuart, Ken and Jean’s daughter and son, having joined the business in 1982 and 1985 in the finance department and the industrial and commercial development side, respectively, and Jake, Ken and Jean’s grandson joining in 2013 after gaining his university degree.

Those customers who made the move all those years ago will have seen many changes, not least the expansion into radial tyre care, on site servicing, an MOT testing station, and more – even before the face lift that transformed the company, ideally located in the centre of Ossett, into a welcoming customer facing business with extra work bays and bright professional offices, rather than the old-fashioned dingy air offered by old-fashioned garages where there was no customer waiting room and no modern washrooms!

The most recent improvements have seen the installation of van servicing booths, ideal for the working man on the go, and a spray booth to ensure that your paint work is in great condition and perfect for giving vehicles a professional and tidy look.

But tyres are our first love, and we will make sure that your business vehicle’s tyres are maintained in a good, safe condition to keep you safe and on time to keep your own customers happy and coming back to you for more! Tyre checks, MOT test and tyre replacements are just some of the services that we offer.

Whichever model you drive, get your car tyres from within Wakefield from Ossett Tyre House, to be sure that you and your vehicle will remain mobile and at your customers’ service!