Improve working from home by giving your home office a makeover

Working from home

Working from home is set to continue for the foreseeable future, and for many it is now becoming a standard feature of working life.

The daily commute has been replaced with an extra cup of coffee, a few more hours sleep or an invigorating morning run. However, with many now at the point where their spare room has become their official office, the novelty is beginning to wear off and the paperwork is starting to pile up in the corner. For many, the news that they should continue to work at home calls for a home office makeover. Let’s take a look at some of the simple steps you can take to make your office feel brand new and invigorate your sense of purpose at work.

Consider comfort

Whilst a dining chair and a cushion may well have sufficed in the initial days of lockdown, now that the future of the office seems to be clearly rooted in the home, a good quality comfortable chair is an absolute must. A new chair that is designed to cater to your needs will make you feel more productive and make your home office look sleek and professional; at Office Reality you can do just that without spending more than you need to. Consider something with a good amount of back support if you spend long hours at the keyboard.

Rethink the layout

If you have been staring at the same sheet of faded 90s wallpaper for the past six months, perhaps it is time to reconsider the layout of your home office and change the view! By simply changing the location of your desk you can completely change the feel of your day at work. With a wide range of desks available for purchase, it is easy to find something that perfectly suits your needs – and the box room that is now your 9-5 location. From cute corner desks to ergonomically perfected standing desks, there is something suited to the nooks and crannies of every room.

Get organised

The key to any harmonious working space is good organisation. Piles of paper, notes scribbled on the back of till receipts and the remains of yesterday’s working lunch are not conducive to a productive environment. Not everyone has room for filing cabinets and complex shelving units, but simple storage solutions such as plastic wallets, ring binders and file boxes can help keep things organised and tidy.

Get arty

You don’t necessarily have to adorn your walls with your own creations, but choosing a bright print or poster will help to brighten up the room and also give you something cheery to look at as you will the clock’s hands to reach the end of the day. Some favourite holiday snaps would also work a treat and allow you to spend some time dreaming about much missed travel.

Treat yourself!

There is nothing that says ‘professional’ and ‘hardworking’ quite like new stationery. Pens, notepads and range of paperclips will not only add the finishing touches to your home office makeover, they will also keep you organised and willing to work.